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Do You Guys Watch Live Online Golf?
By Kickntrue on 5/8/09
The PGA is showing more and more golf live online. I'm wondering how many of you guys can get away with watching it. I'm lucky I guess- I can watch and call it work, but I remember before oob watching live sports while at work was a sneaky process.

How do you guys and gals do it? Is it blocked? Have you ever used the "Boss Button"? I want stories!

Enjoy the Players while it's still a tournament. These guys are making a mockery of the course right now.

Players Championship Live @ 17 Coverage

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osbourne says:
It's all about timing. When there are no footsteps outside the cubicle, game on. When danger is in the vicinity, minimize the window and just listen. Either listen at a low volume or even better, use headphones.
klangdon says:
live video of 17 is great for background while working. I mostly listen then switch to watch when you hear the crowd and know someone just got close or splashed.
Ben Crane says:
Usually just the Masters and keep it minimized until someone noteworthy is playing or I hear the crowd react.
cyzfitz says:
Nice round yesterday, Ben.
mmontisano says:
usually only for majors. i think everyone in my office was streaming Tiger Woods winning the US Open last year during the Monday playoff.
mmontanaro says:
As an IT Director, I can throttle our office access as I see fit. Most users don't respect company bandwidth (and so abuse it), what goes into delivering it to you, and how much it costs your company. Having said that, I'll stream the XM audio feed (much lower bandwidth than the video). Video I save for my home broadband connection. But... their coverage is great, especially when during non-network coverage times.
JoeGill1205 says:
mmontanaro: I am one of the producers of the Live@ Series of webcasts. Thanks for the props on the coverage. We think it's a great product. Be sure to tune in for Live@ the Memorial & Live@ the Travelers Championship over the next couple of months. And please, if anybody has any thoughts on things that they'd like to see incorporated let me know.
bjoern says:
The livestream don't work in Germany - so I like, Bug I can't...
pcgolfnut says:
I check in a couple of times a day to check the leaderboards. I watch as much as I'm able when the boss isn't around.
woobwoob says:
I don't want to use too much bandwidth, so I just keep ShotTracker up on pgatour.com
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