Tiger Has Worst Swing In Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/11/09
Matthew DeBord writes for Slate as well as Huffington Post. Not exactly the NY Times, but still an interesting assessment on Tiger having the worst swing in golf.
There's probably no more analyzed, scrutinized, and deconstructed action in all sport. In fact, I'd suggest that Tiger Woods' golf swing in the most assiduously pondered movement a human being has ever made. There are times when I think we know less about walking than we do about Tiger swinging.

Unlike past greats, however, Woods swing has always been difficult to summarize. He has added to confusion; when asked about the seemingly endless process of reworking his action, he often declares that it's complicated. Well, of course it is. Woods isn't really practicing a swing--he's cultivating an ever-changing state of mind.
I jumped around a little with the quotes but it's an interesting case. Basically the idea that Tiger is good enough to win with his amazing short game and unmatched willpower- but his swing is terrible.

I think it's easy to quickly blow this off as ridiculous especially since Tiger at times has been dominant with his shot making, but there could be something too this. Frankly, I'd almost be more impressed with Tiger if his swing was terrible and he still dominated.

Anyway... Thoughts?

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ToddRobb says:

I'm already on record for saying that Tiger's swing is "nothing special", he dominates with the full package of skills that he has.
GolfSmith7 says:
If that is terrible, give me terrible.
rricker81 says:
You don't post 17 top tens in a row with a "horrible" golf swing... you just can't... even when you are getting up and down and putts are falling. Several of those to top tens were when he was putting very poorly. His swing may be contrary to the "normal" Hogan-esque swing, but I think it will be copied for years to come by pros and amateurs alike. BTW - had he won yesterday would we have the same opinion of his swing?
MattCarter says:
I wish I could be terrible too. That would be sweet.
sindigo says:
Actually...The NY Times is just like Slate and HuffPo. :-)

Regarding Tiger's or anyone's swing...If it works, good for them. His definitely seems to work judging by his success.
bducharm says:
Writing for the Huffington Post says it all - that guy has NO CLUE!!!
spombert says:
wow... because tiger has multiple swings pending the way he wants to shape his shots over years.... his swing 'in this sense is terrible'.

Yowsa ... that is some logic there. The only player that has been 'extremely' successful trying to play every golf shot the way it is best suited to be played... has a terrible golf swing. Everybody else has limitations so they either have 1 swing they can count on.... or they have tried what tiger is doing and have not been very successful.

I can't believe I am responding to this ... but that logic couldn't be left alone.
Cvoegler25 says:
tigers arms are TOO BIG for golf. plain and simple.
Mookie says:
Yah, wish my swing sucked that bad. Worst swing in golf? Writers like that guy pull this s*** just to draw attention to themselves, which, in fact is a hallmark of most of the Bozos on Huffington. Hey, is it Bozos or Bozoes?
joshnkt says:
My opinion is this. Tiger's swing is beautiful! However, his physique makes his swing difficult to duplicate. I've spent a bit of money on lessons and one thing I've learned is that most amateurs, including me, could learn more and drop more strokes by patterning our swings after LPGA golfers. Tempo Tempo Tempo.
jerdman says:
Tigers swing is violent. Its nothing an amateur should try and emulate. Judging by how he started yesterday, he seems far from figuring it out with the pull hooks and blocks right. Its certainly not the No. 1 swing in the world.
jbird899 says:
I love when people talk about swings being "ugly" or "terrible". Golf isnt a beauty contest, 3 ugly looking shots that go in the hole still equal a birdie.
mjaber says:
As long as you can repeat it consistently, and make the ball go where you want it to, I don't think what your swing "looks" like matters all that much. Look at Furyk. He's got a funky motion, but it's the same every time. Villegas has a different swing, especially with the driver where he doesn't get even close to parallel on his back-swing.

I don't think there is a single, set "perfect" swing. I think there is a different "perfect" swing for each of us. We all have different body-types, athletic ability levels. I can't swing the same way my 6'2" brother-in-law swings. Find a swing that's comfortable for you, and make slight changes to make it work for you.
JWHpurist says:
Whatever swing that works for each individual, produces consistent results, and is refined over a period of time, "is as good as it gets". "Less than knowledgeable people" make stupid observations!! JWHpurist
ToddRobb says:
IMHO, I think Tiger swings waayy too hard on the tee with the driver. It's all well in good when his timing is perfect, but he's never been at the top of the driving accuracy stats. I can't understand why Hank or someone doesn't tell him that. He won the British Open a few years ago hitting his "stinger" off the tee for four days. He doesn't need the extra 25 yards he's trying to get with the violent swing. Luckily for him he doesn't have to hit the fairway in order to win, but therein lies the problem, he doesn't feel the real need to fix it.
mmontanaro says:
Did the gentleman from the Huffington post give us his expert opinion on what a "great" golf swing is? The amazing thing about Tiger is that he often can correct a problem with his swing **during** the swing. His swing has obviously changed a bit since coming back, maybe for the better- he just hasn't tuned it yet. He's pushing himself to the next level with his reconfigured knee- give him a few more months, he'll figure it out better than anyone, certainly better than a writer for the HuffPost.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Why did I bother to read that article??? I doubt that guy has ever picked up a club much less taken the time to the study the swings of Hogan or Nicklaus. Gimme a break.
nmk says:
Well, Tiger surely hasn't been doing so well in the driving department but man, can he scramble, grind and recover!!! Also his physical and mental strength gives him the edge on the back 9 on Sundays.
So, what is a "great swing"? One that is pleasing to watch or one that works and is consistent? If I can have a swing that I can play consistently, even if it means a swing like Furyk's well, then it is time to quit my day job....
Kolt15 says:
Tiger's arms are WAY to big they get in the way of his swing got to stop pumping the iron and get on the range and work on that driver
KentDepue says:
This is such a ridiculous conversation. Worst swing? Obviously not. Arms too big, spend MORE time on the range? Stupid. He is the best golfer EVER, he must be doing something right.
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