Do You Like Struggling Pros?
By Kickntrue on 5/11/09
Today's open topic is very simple, do you like to see the PGA Tour pros struggle around a golf course or do you like to see them go low?

It used to be just the majors (mostly the US and British Opens) that played with EVEN par as a good score, but now it seems more and more events are playing tougher.

This weekend at TPC Sawgrass TV viewers were privy to brown burnt out greens rolling 13 on the Stimpmeter that led to cautious lag putt after lag putt. I used to like the idea of pros getting beat up- but I've got to admit, it's pretty boring. I want to see guys aiming at pins and making birdies. There has to be some perfect setup of risk and reward that makes this possible while still keeping scores in check.

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Kolt15 says:
i love it when the pros go low! it makes golf fun to watch when there making long putts and hitting irons to 3 feet it just makes it fun to watch for me!
kidputter says:
I want to see a pro shine in the spotlight. That's why they are there. If I want to watch the type of golf I saw yesterday, I'll watch my local Amateur championships.
I want to see guys going for greens in 2. I want to see guys make putts like Tiger did before the surgery.
But I also want to see 2 and 3 person playoffs for the win. Now THAT'S exciting.
MattCarter says:
For a struggle to be fun, everyone needs to be struggling together. Watching Cjeka on Sunday was just brutal. You gotta feel bad for him. People will probably define him by that round until he retires.
bducharm says:
12 under par is certainly far from struggling! I think the setup was completely fair! These guys are the best and they should be tested!!! The greens may have been quick but the rough was completely fair.
Cvoegler25 says:
once the televised portion of the players was about to be on i was pretty excited to sit and watch tiger and the rest of the field go at it. after about 5 holes i couldn't stand to watch it anymore. bad shot after bad shot just made it not exciting at all for me. yes the scoring turned out pretty low but still hardly anyone except for stenson played well. conditions were ideal, should've been much better rounds and shots. are tigers arms getting too big for golf??
jbird899 says:
I love when they light it up. Do you want to see Baseball players strike out or Basketball players shoot airballs?
ToddRobb says:
For all the "Tiger Haters" out there, this was a taste of what the golf world would be like if he was just another golfer out there. You can by no stretch tell me that was more entertaining to watch than if SOMEONE is the superior golfer. At one point I TURNED THE CHANNEL!! I hate to say it, but... Tiger's in danger of spoiling watching golf! If the PGA tour was like it was on Sunday, I for one certainly wouldn't watch as much as I do. I sure hope for everyone's sake Tiger gets his shit together soon. That was brutal!!!
mjaber says:
I like to see the pros tested. When I read about Padraig hitting the same tree twice on one of the par 5's at the Master's, it made me feel a little better about having done the same thing a month or so earlier on a par 5. I think the best setup would be longer rough, with softer greens. I love seeing some of the crazy recovery shots they can try when they don't keep it in the fairway, but if the rough is barely longer than the fairway, you lose some of the excitement.
JWHpurist says:
17 is very interesting and seperates "The Men From The Boys" because it requires, shot making skill and the ability of a "High level Player" to remove the "Hazard Intimidation" from their thinking and focus. If I couldn't put 4 of 5 on the green, I would work until I could do so on a consistant basis. JWHpurist
Jattruia says:
Test them. It puts more pressure on the birdie op when there are so few. Kind of like when we golf.

And i love the picture you guys posted. Well done.
mmontisano says:
i say test them the first 3 days. make it hard for them to make the cut, but save Sunday for great scoring conditions.
i want to see Sunday charges to take the tournament from 4 or 6 shots behind. it will keep the leaders from playing safely for par and force them to perform some great shots to maintain their lead to win the tournament.
Matt Otskey says:
I agree with Hackman. Nothing more exciting than somebody making a move up the leaderboard on Sunday with a 31 on the front. Whether it be Tiger or someone else.
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