Tony Romo Fails US Open Qualification
By Kickntrue on 5/13/09
Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo played a US Open qualifier yesterday but fell apart down the stretch and shot an 80. He tripled bogeyed on his 16th hole to eliminate any chance he had of making the initial cut.

Since I'm guessing most of the other people he was playing against don't spend 99% of their jobs away from the golf course, I'm going to continue to be impressed.

Story - Yahoo! Sports

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dlouder says:
Well, that goes to show he doesn't only choke on the field...
HotBacon says:
That's a heck of a lipper he has in that pic. Didn't even recognize him.
jstech73 says:
Jessica Simpson probably was around and jinxed him, like she does when they dont win games when she in attendence.
kidputter says:
He's a freakin' Cowboy. He gets to play more golf in 5 months than I get to play in a year. He gets to play on the nicest courses in the country.
Any MORE reasons to hate him?
Steveberrywv says:
Well now he has taken choking to the next level, from football to golf
Thorre says:
Maybe next he can try and be rock star.
jnich22 says:
Most all of you are mid to high handicappers and giving Romo crap about scoring an 80 on a qualifying course. He is a natural athlete and will be competitive when he has more time to devote. (I hate the Cowboys, btw)
ToddRobb says:
Hate to say it, but a choke is a choke on any level. If he would have made the cut, the story would be how great of an athlete he is. We've been hearing for years about all of the "athlete's" that want to give the PGA a try, it's much harder than it looks on TV. Great golf and PGA golf are light years apart, stick to your day job.
TheBrownCrayon says:
KidPutter - He's also banging Jessica Simpson. That's a good reason to hate him.
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