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National Golf Day
By Kickntrue on 5/13/09
Today is National Golf Day. Will you be celebrating? I'm not sure who has the authority to declare such a day, but I'm not complaining.

Today the golf world is in my neck of the woods in Washington, DC, lobbying for a little love from the government. From the Jerry Porter of the USA Today:
Representatives of golf's major organizations are on offense Wednesday, sweeping across Capitol Hill in an attempt to defend their sport.
"There is value in educating people who influence legislation on the impact the golf industry has in our country," said Ty Votaw, executive vice president of the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour is the most visible part of the industry, and as such often draws the most criticism. Earlier this year Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., was critical of banks that took federal bailout money and continued to spend lavishly sponsoring sports events, including the Northern Trust Open near Los Angeles. Northern Trust remained a title sponsor, but another bank, Wachovia, was removed from the name of the tournament this month in Charlotte.
My day has a couple major roadblocks that will probably prohibit be from playing today, but if I can find the range I will. I mean... anything I can do to support the industry, right?!

USA Today
Seattle Golf Examiner

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woobwoob says:
I'm celebrating this holiday tomorrow with a buddy visiting from DC.
sindigo says:
Yep. Playing this afternoon with a friend at Las Vegas International.
falcon50driver says:
Out of respect for "National Golf Day", I celebrated with 2 cigars, a few Diet Budweisers, and played 18 today. It's the least I could do.
Steveberrywv says:
Celebrated todat at The Pit, a couple of cigars, and two pitchers of Yulling
Mikedjewell says:
Celebrated at my home course in Logan, UT. If you're a golfer in Utah check out letsgolfutah.blogspot.com
enviroman22 says:
I am taking my PGA-sponsored "May is free golf lesson month" 10 minute lesson Thursday from my local pro.
nobaddays says:
Celebrating friday with an intramural match for my squadron in japan
dsferris says:
I played on National Golf Day, 18 hole Captain's Choice outing. Very disappointing resault
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