Tiger's WebTalk Interview
By Kickntrue on 5/13/09
Last night Tiger talked to his fans through video and internet. OrlandoGolfBlogger typed as fast as he could and got most of the convo. I'm actually impressed with Tiger. It looks like he actually opened up on some real topics and revealed some new information.

For instance- did you know the fist pump started when he beat his father for the first time? Better yet- it wasn't when he made a shot to beat him- but rather when Earl missed a putt. At least Tiger has learned to be classy enough to only pull it out now for his own special shots. Can you imagine if he dropped the fist on Rocco after missing at last year's US Open? Check it out- it's pretty decent stuff from the usually scripted Tiger.

OrlandoGolfBlogger.com - WebTalk Review

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