US Open Qualifying Must Read
By Kickntrue on 5/13/09
Shane Bacon of Fanhouse (and played in a US Open Qualifying event yesterday and blogged about it. It's nice to hear about the Tony Romo's of the world trying, but to see it in such detail from a fellow blogger is very cool.

On being a first-timer:
I was nervous. In fact, I won't lie; I was very nervous. I had just seen two buddies of mine, playing in the two groups in front of me, hit a tee shot 20 yards right of the opening par-5 and 20 yards left. These guys play tournament golf all the time.

Basically, I was a virgin and they were all Wilt Chamberlains.
On playing:
In tournament golf, however, you're standing on that tee with everything at stake. Your actually feel your swing. You see all the parts of the hole. With everything you do, you're trying to set yourself up for the best possible result. I heard one of my playing partners mention on a par-4 to his caddie that more bogeys happen when players just miss the rough because they are trying to make too much happen from the misplaced tee shot. You never hear quotes like that playing with your Sunday foursome.
A lot of great other stuff in the article. If you like golf stories- you'll want to read this.

Shane Bacon - Full Story
Via Golf Girl

If you'd like to know more about Shane- we did an interview with him a couple months ago. You can read that HERE.

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