New Courses For TW Video Game
By Kickntrue on 5/14/09
One of my beefs with EA Sports Tiger Woods video game franchise has been lack of famous courses. They're fixing that.
The 2010 edition includes several new courses, including the sites of this season's U.S. Open (Bethpage Black), British Open (Turnberry) and PGA Championship (Hazeltine). Pinehurst No. 2, one of my personal favorites and the site of the 1999 and 2005 U.S. Opens, has also been added.
I know Bethpage used to be a course and they took it off. That made me sad since it was the one course that I had played- and could recognize shot for shot. Now the question is if I should do XBOX 360 or Wii. Either way- I'll probably pick it up when it comes out June 8.


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AbsoluteZero says:
Where's Augusta National. I assume EA wants it but the members aren't interested.
klangdon says:
what would be reasoning for augusta members not to want their course included?
Kolt15 says:
i know where is Augusta???? thats one course they have never had thats pretty stupid! question shouldent they have like every course the pga tour has stopped at?
HotBacon says:
Augusta has never once been on a video game, and I would be shocked if it ever was. Turnberry was on '08 and I think '06 versions.
Kickntrue says:
Augusta doesn't want any access to their course. If it was in a video game it wouldn't be as special to play it in real life. Not great logic but I think that's what it is. The thing is- unlike Bethpage which is a state run course- Augusta doesn't NEED the money. They don't NEED anything. They want their mystique... and they have it.
klangdon says:
There are courses all over the country that copy Augusta design. If they can copy it in real life, without permission, you would think EA could just do it and name it something like "Augustian Internaltional".
Eric Duquene says:
I think that EA better step up and include more content. More courses (tho some of the good ones have to stay... I'm looking at you wolf creek, sawgrass, cog hill, pebble beach). They need to include more match types (include the ryder cup), team play tourneys, match play tourneys. They need to add some more customization to the swings, the clubs, get more sponsorships as some of the equipment sucked (I'm looking at you golfpride and winn as the grips in 09 were horribly ugly). I'd like to see something more along the lines of where the ball is in the stance, angle of attack, different putters actually making a difference in putting, different putting styles, more opponents. 09 was a really cheap (expensive) remake of 08 only it was actually easier. Too easy... except for tour pro difficulty I could end a 4 day tourney with no problem at almost a guaranteed 40 under par.
Eric Duquene says:
Then again what am I saying... it's EA. The McDonald's of the sports game world. They take the same crap they churned out last year add 1 to the year and change a few of the visuals and think it's worth another $65.
benhogan531 says:
I used to play TW on 360 and the online play was great. Unfortunately they really made the game cheesy last year. The ability to hit 400 yd + drives kind of makes the game play nonsense. 1st time I played the front 9 at St. Andrews I eagled every hole except the par 3. Too bad too, it used to be a good game.
jbird899 says:
Get it on the Wii! Its the most realistic golf video game i ever played and it makes you stand up and take a real swing. Mashing buttons isnt a true experience. I got the Wii just for Tiger Woods Golf. Its fun to play when buddies come over and talk trash and down some drinks. Then again I play it on a 100 inch projection screen which totally makes a huge difference. Its also fun in the long cold and grey winter months when i need a golf fix.
David B says:
Forget TW Golf. Find yourself a copy of Links 2003, go to Links Corner and download thousands of courses for free. Game looks and plays better than TW. I have both. Links kicks butt.
Rick Parsons says:
The Wii is awesome, but I would like to add more real life attention to it. Like having to actually buy balls by the dozen. If you hit OB, water, even lost in rough, then your ball count goes down. If you run out you have to buy more. It is so boring to have $50,000 and need nothing to buy. Not to mention when you finally make money with sponsers and winnings. Make it more finacially difficult. I havent played TCP Sawgrass. Does anyone know what game that course is on?
aschmidt says:
I've been playing TW Golf since 1998 and it's always been a "buy without renting first" game. I would love to see Augusta on there with some extra details to the on screen displays to make it look like the actual Masters broadcast...that would be awesome. I also had no clue Hazeltine was going to be in 2010! I'm actually volunteering for the PGA Championship this year and I am extremely excited to be a part of a PGA Tour event!!!!!!
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