John Daly And His Pants On TV
By Kickntrue on 5/14/09
Quick- find a tv! John Daly and his colorful Loudmouth Golf pants are on Golf Channel HD for the next 4 days. Coverage began a couple minutes ago for the Irish Open and will be on from 10am-1pm EST all weekend.

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Eric Duquene says:
I was actually considering buying the pants from caddy shack on from Loudmouth golf.
lopezebra says:
Those pants are ill son!
BlaqShamrokk says:
Notre Dame Colors haha Sweet!
Kolt15 says:
o tee thom- good god i dont even no u but notre dame sucks go TEXAS
bducharm says:
My wife works at Golfsmith and she is trying to get me some of their shorts!!! I think they are VERY cool - not khaki indeed!!!
Barroomhero says:
I was going to get a pair, this is my first year of golf and I figured it would take away from how bad i play if I wore pants like that
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