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Do You Play (Down) To Your Competition?
By Kickntrue on 5/15/09
That parenthetical is a big of a dig on Kevin because we're going 1 on 1 today (follow along on live scores), but I do want to know- do you find yourself playing close to others in your group, even if you know you are much better or much worse than them?

I seem to play better when playing with better people but the same id definitely true when playing with weaker competition. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin beats me today, even though I should be about 5 or 6 strokes better (ZING)!


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whomsley says:
I play my own game. It doesn't matter to me what the other person is scoring.
ewyoder says:
I can play poorly either way and now I'm hoping Kevin kicks your butt after those digging comments.
greendevil says:
Yes, I do find myself playing up or down to my competition. I would like to play my own game 100% of the time; but I just can't seem to do that. I am not going to complain about all of the times I've played up to my competition; I would just like to not ever play down to the competition. Maybe I'll get to that point eventually.
HotBacon says:
I absolutely play down or up to my competition / playing partners. Just check out my scores for proof of that - low 80s one day, mid 90's the next. Of course it may have something to do w/ the fact that when I play w/ my lower skilled partners, we tend to drink ALOT more alcoholic drinks during the round.
dlouder says:
I'm bad as it is, so I always try to play the absolute best to my abilities all the time. Every time I have been out (so far this year) I have shaved 2 strokes off my game (shot 117 last weekend, down from 132 in March). I have found that members of the gaggle I go out with do seem to 'play worse' when with me, than with the others. I think that they tend to focus on me, and give me tips/advice... or maybe that's just me and my ego.

I'd really hope they didn't, as I always try to play UP to them... and to think they are playing DOWN to me would just destroy the fun and the challenge I set myself up for every weekend.
falcon50driver says:
On a trip to Florida I got paired up with an elderly couple who were the nicest people you'd ever meet. I was 30 plus years younger than they, so I was trying not to be a show off by hitting past the old man. Funny thing, when you swing easy, the ball goes farther. I wound up hitting some of the best drives of my life. By the way, despite my long drives,the old man kicked my ass, he parred every hole. Driver 150 yards, Driver off the deck 150 yards,Pitching wedge,1 putt, every dang time except for the par 5s, just insert Driver off the deck once more, and subtract one driver shot for the par 3s. I think those were the only 3 clubs he owned.
GolfSmith7 says:
I am my own worst enemy. My last round I opened up on the back nine with par, birdie, birde and then I thought "oh, my best start ever, maybe I'll break 80..." down hill from there. lol.
joshnkt says:
I've done some pretty extensive research on the matter. When I go out to play against someone, whether they think they are playing against me or not, I do just enough to win (or lose). However, my game improves when I ignore the other golfer's game. My best games are when someone else is keeping my score and I spend most of my mental time trying to remember the words to some obscure "Toad the wet sprocket" song. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
kidputter says:
I play best when a person in my group displays his/her temper. I look at them and realize 'It's a game'. I then relax more and swing better.
woss says:
I'm often tempted to follow the course strategy of higher handicap players I'm with, like driver on every hole, attempting miracle shots, etc. instead of playing to the widest part of the fairway, punching out, and aiming for the middle of greens.
jbird899 says:
When I play someone who is good competition for me, I play better because im in that competitive mode. When I play someone who isnt as good, I tend to relax and maybe get a little too lose and make some mental errors. Either way....it is still golf and I LOVE IT!
JWHpurist says:
I enjoy the company of others and the conversation as we play the round, but focus on the shot at hand, strive for the best results and low score regardless of the performance of the others in my group. I have nothing to prove to other players other than, I had fun playing the round and love the game!! JWHpurist
nobaddays says:
I play better when I'm behind makes me concentrate, it more challenging and i enjoy the look on thier faces when i come from behind to beat them
aschmidt says:
I play up to my competition more often than I play down. I also play better when everyone in my group practices good golf etiquette (keeping quiet during my swing, keeping a good pace of play, hitting in turn etc...).
Rick Parsons says:
I like to play the best I can, not to show them up but maybe to let them learn something. I have also learned ALOT from playing with better golfers than I. I have also learned from higher handicapped people as well.
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