Welcome to Bethpage! Good luck!
Playing Bethpage Black
By Kickntrue on 5/15/09
I've played Bethpage Black. I know many of you have as well based on the hundreds of scores we've seen from the course. Getting on though, certainly is fun. I'm sure many of you know the story of the course, but either way, reading 1st person accounts is always fun. Here is a great one from The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Feel free to share your stories as well.

Getting On At Bethpage Black Course

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jbird899 says:
Thats a great article, and anyone willing to make a trip to Bethpage to try to get on like this guy did, in the next coupe months contact me jbird899@yahoo.com. I need to try this course!!!!!
jbird899 says:
I gotta thank you for this article. I didnt realize how easy getting tickets for the US Open were. And I thought they were going to be a ton of money. Just got my Dad and I tickets for round 3 for Fathers Day, I am STOKED!
dsferris says:
WOW!!!! $100 bucks I remember in 2001 before the first Open it was like $39. I highly recommend the Green Course as well. Both Green and Black are crazy walks.
birdieXris says:
i wanna play :(
Shaner2009 says:
The Black ain't a bad walk... I shot 74 from the US Open tees not too long ago... he paid $100 for greens fees because he's an out of state resident... It's like if you go into any state park in New York and you have an out-of-state plate you pay double to park...
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