By Kickntrue on 5/17/09
Kevin and I agreed to be judges in a contest going on over at It's actually pretty crazy how much stuff they're giving away.

When it comes to pure golf gear heads, is the place to be, so when the spies came a knocking... wanting us to judge their insanely huge upcoming contest we were more then up to the challenge.

You have to see some of these prizes, itGÇÖs crazy. They have over 60 prizes and $9,950 worth of golf gear to giveaway you can see why they called this thing GÇ£Insane!GÇ¥ This contest that is holding is going to get big... really fast... so for all the oobGolf'ers out there... make sure to go get your entry in quick on Monday the first day of the competition.

ThatGÇÖs Not All... They are even giving away an extra 3 entries into the competition today, so go check out how you can get some extra brownie points towards winning some killer golf gear.

It's pretty simple- all you have to do is leave a 10 word or less comment on what the site's new slogan should be. It takes a couple seconds- and you can win some great stuff. It's actually a pretty big mystery who "MyGolfSpy" is (we only know him as "GolfSpyX") but clearly he's connected in some way- because these prizes are SICK!) The only downside to agreeing to be a judge is that I don't think I can win.

P.S. - Remember, oobGolf is one of the judges for the contest so make sure to tell them where you came from when you enter. It just makes us look good. Contest

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pete52 says:
ppete52 from oobgolf

"Knowledge is a must, MyGolfSpy is the plus"
pete52 says:
pete hernandez - ppete52 @ oobgolf and my entry is:

"Knowledge is a must, MyGolfSpy is the plus"

sorry if this is the second entry, didn't see the 1st one.
JWHpurist says:
"Mine is there for all too see." Let's see how creative the other "Dudes" can be! JWHpurist
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