Zach has two Texas Open titles in 7 months.
Zach Johnson - Your New FedExCup Leader
By Kickntrue on 5/18/09
Zach Johnson made use of moving day on Saturday and held on to win Sunday, coming through with a great playoff hole to win the Texas Open. He held off an awesome Sunday charge by James Driscoll who shot an early 62 and had to wait two hours before coming back out for a playoff.

I was thinking about how hard it would be to have to sit and just watch everyone finish, wondering if it even matters that you're hanging around, staying loose. Then, you breath a sigh of relief when you realize you're still in it, then have about 10 minutes to get mentally focused. Both times this situation has happened this season, it hasn't gone well for the guy waiting. Then again, I follow golf pretty closly and I'd never heard of James Driscoll, so I'm assuming he's not one of the Tour elite (I feel pretty safe with that assumption, not that I wouldn't kill for his game). The fact that Driscoll even got in a playoff means he went from winning about 15k to winning well over half a million.

It's hard to not root for the underdog- but how can you not like Johnson? He seems like a genuine dude, and all around good guy. Anyone who in the heat of a playoff stops on his way to sign his card to pick up and hold his son for a second- has my fandom.

Zach Johnson is now leading the FedExCup. Ooohhweee!!! I found it pretty telling and hilarious that Golf/SI did a survey of PGA Tour players and only 54% knew how many FedExCup points the winner gets each week.

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ToddRobb says:
After his putt came up short on 18 to win, it's a good thing he closed the deal in the playoff.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Last night two tour scrubs (that played yesterday) came and sat at the bar I work at and were watching the last of the tournament. I don't know why but they were rooting against Johnson. Not so much for Driscoll but against Johnson, maybe they know something we don't? I agree though, I really like him.
bducharm says:
James Driscoll lost in the finals of the 2000 US Amateur to Jeff Quinney. Zach Johnson is an OUTSTANDING person - better person than a golfer!!! He is a devout Christian is walks the walk!!! I am a HUGE Zach guy and he should be the face of Titleist - not Adam Scott.
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