Homeland Security Cameras Being Used To Catch Golf Ball Whacker
By Kickntrue on 5/18/09
The Port of Everett, in Everett, Washington, is using Department of Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism cameras to find whoever is hitting golf balls into masses of people and cargo.
Port officials believe someone on Rucker Hill is whacking golf balls down the hill onto port property, endangering dozens of workers and millions of dollars worth of equipment and cargo.

"We're trying to use any means possible to stop it, aside from posting somebody in the field of fire all day and night," said Ed Madura, a port security official.

The port says the flying golf balls constitute a threat to personal safety. Pointing video surveillance cameras toward the likely source is an appropriate use of the equipment, port officials say.
While using $2.3M equipment should help curb flying balls, not everyone is happy. I guess for $2.3M you get some pretty good equipment capable of what some would call "spying" and "invasion of privacy."
"Hitting golf balls is a problem, but if they turn their cameras up on the neighborhood and spy on us, that's a bigger problem," said David Mascarenas, a neighborhood watchdog who has for years fought the port to improve the community's access to public land.
Man... where is Nancy Drew when we need her? I'm sure between her, the Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown they could solve this case.

Seriously though, it's a pretty perplexing situation. I can easily see both sides of argument. Another solution would be to go door to door selling ProV1's for $5 a dozen. Just arrest the man (kid) who buys by the pallet.

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falcon50driver says:
The government needs to outlaw golf clubs. This would put a stop to this kind of misuse. Or at least create a national database of golf club owners. Maybe if there were a background check, and a three day waiting period before dealers could deliver a new golf club to a buyer, they'd have time to think about hitting into a port. Possibly putting a high tax on golf balls would stop the misuse.
georgelohr says:
Point the cameras at the area for a week, if you catch the fella/gal..TAZZER the ever-loving-crap out of them....film it and put them on Youtube....make shirts, bumper stickers, hats, ect...take the money you make and BUILD THESE POOR SOULS A DRIVING RANGE!
SRR67 says:
Don't give them any ideas. Current administration may want to stop the use of these items and I will have a time finding ammo and golf balls. Of course, the way I hit the ball, they are already ammo. ha ha.
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