City Golf Stunt Pretty Sweet
By Kickntrue on 5/19/09
PGA Tour player Briny Baird joined The San Diego Padres' GM Kevin Towers and restaurant PF Chang's yesterday for a pretty cool gimmick shot to raise money for charity. Baird had 10 shots from the roof of the Omni Hotel, 340 feet and 268 yards to a flagstick inside the Padres' Petco Park. There were target rings set up around the flagstick and depending where Baird landed the balls, he raised money for charity, as well as won residents a free P.F. Chang's chicken wrap.
Practicing with Baird before the real thing was Padres General Manager Kevin Towers, who put a couple of shots real close. Maybe because he was using the right club. Baird started with a 5-iron, but the GM set him straight.

GÇ£I told him, '5-iron? Dude, you hit a 5, you're going to put it into the condos,' GÇ¥ Towers confirmed. GÇ£I didn't know golfers were more coachable than baseball players.GÇ¥

Conceding Towers' familiarity with the ballpark and the fact the GM isn't bad with a club in his hands, Baird went to his 9-iron, and made history that would have choked up Bobby Jones.

GÇ£I warmed up with the 5-iron and Kevin looked at me like I was crazy,GÇ¥ Baird would say. GÇ£He was right. It was just a little 9-iron.GÇ¥

Little? It took about 15 seconds for each ball to come to earth. These had to be the longest 9-irons ever.
Very cool for Briny and the $25k he helped raise for charity (and some happy P.F. Chang's customers), but I think they need to set something like this up for the general public. I realize letting a bunch of hacks on a roof in the middle of the city could cause alarm, but I think every amateur golfer needs to experience a 250+ yard 9-iron!

Full Story - Union Tribune

UPDATE - Here's a better picture.

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dlouder says:
Wish there was video footage of that...
mmontisano says:
here's video:


it's a promotional video, so you don't see him hit anything until the 6 minute mark.
dlouder says:
@Hack, Thanks!
JWHpurist says:
Let us call that shot "A High $ Towering 9 Iron"! JWHpurist
Rick Parsons says:
NICE!! a 9 iron that travels 250 yards. How many manufactures would like to tie that yardage in with their advertisements. Soooo...... was that a par 3?
scriper23 says:
Must have had to use a shovel as a divot tool
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