The Other Way To Play Bethapage Black
By Kickntrue on 5/19/09
Everyone knows you can wait overnight for a teetime at Bethpage Black. You can also pay a shady company to get a time for you.
This company, which boldly accepts all major credit cards, states, "If camping out is not an option, the civilized way to tee up at this course is to let NY Golf Shuttle handle all the necessary arrangements to secure your tee time." Service is provided for a number of metropolitan area layouts, including all five Bethpage courses, but prices are most shocking for the Black, ranging from $850 for a single to $450 per person for a foursome. This includes black car transportation to and from New York City. Oh, and tack on a $50 surcharge for non-New York State residents.
Sounds like America, right? If you can figure out a way to make money from it, why not? Well, in this case, Bethpage isn't too happy with the breach of their terms, except they can't do much about it. Basically this company secures in-state tee times which can be secured up to 7 days in advance, then cancels them and rebooks under the name of an out of state resident who can only book 2 days in advance. They've figured out a way to beat the limited tee time reservation system and profit from it.

To me- Bethpage Black is a great course (I've played it), but one thing that makes it so appealing is how you get on- the effort it takes, and how little it costs. If I'm going to pay $500+ to play there, it's just the same as Pebble Beach. Amazing course- but you can play it if you have the dough. It ruins it a bit... to me at least. At any rate- a great story by GolfWorld.

Full Story - GolfWorld
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