Paddy and his entourage
Golf Entourages
By Kickntrue on 5/20/09
Pro golf use to be a solitary experience but now more pros are building teams and bringing them everywhere. Here are a couple of the people you could expect to see following your favorite golfer tour stop to tour stop:
An agent, a caddie, a financial adviser and a swing instructor (and maybe even a wife or significant other). Sport psychologists are almost de rigueur, and coaches for wedges, putting and fitness are not at all unusual. Nutritionists tend to a few tummies on the PGA Tour, and spiritual advisers soothe a score of souls.
Some site the lonliness on traveling week to week as reason for the growing entourages, though a certain helping agent is also the increased purses which are now about 3x bigger than they were in 1999.
The culture has changed. Younger players do not see themselves as heroically alone, as Player does. Those who came up through the academy system are comfortable with a team of teachers and trainers because that's how they did it in high school.
The article continues to talk about how adding team members also creates some issues and obsticles for the players. A pretty good read if you're into the behind the scenes of the pro world.


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JWHpurist says:
My, my how times change. I wonder what "The King" (Palmer) thinks about this "New Age BS". JWHpurist
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