Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy.
Mickelson Puts Tour On Hold
By Kickntrue on 5/20/09
In a sad story, Phil Mickelson's wife Amy is battling breast cancer. Phil has suspended his Tour schedule indefinitely.

I'm sure many thoughts and prayers go out to the Mickelson family.

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Kolt15 says:
AW THAT IS REALLY REALLY REALLY to bad =( all my prayers go to the mickelson family get better and hope to see phil back on tour soon!!!!!
tennesseeboy says:
When something like this happens to a man who is in the public eye, we see just what kind of man he is and where his priorities are. When it happened to John Edwards, he showed us that his political aspirations were more important than his family. Phil has proven once again that he is a class act. I'm glad he realizes that family is more important that golf. He is a role model for us all. My prayers are with you Phil and Amy.
dlouder says:
My thoughts are with the Mickelson family.
Tim Horan says:
My thoughts and best wishes to Amy, Phil and the kids at this time.
kidputter says:
My prayers go out to the family.
On another note, why does he have to stop doing his job? I think after a short period of time, Amy will BEG him to get the hell out of the house and play golf again.
I'm hoping he can come back to the tour, in a modified capacity. One tourney per month or so.
bducharm says:
Never been a Phil fan but I am a Christian before anything - may God lay His healing hands on Amy....
whomsley says:
@kiddputter: Why does he have to stop doing his job??? My mother-in-law is a two time breast cancer survivor and we have had several scares with my wife due to her family history. I wanted to be with my wife more than ever in her time of need and I am sure Phil feels the same thing. I commend him on his decision to put his wife and kids first. That is what husbands do for their wives in a time of need. He is a class act and I wouldn't expect anything less from him.
Shooter Mcgowan says:
seriously, "why stop do you job?" How about simply to be with his wife. This is new territory for them both, and they need each other. in addition, how would it look to the public eye if he annouces that his wife has breast cancer, is under going Major surgery, and oh yeah, I will still be playing golf. GOLF IS NOT A JOB. It is a game, a sport. Yeah you can make lots of money doing it, but it is NOT A JOB. Besides, he dosesn't need the money.
Virtuaframax says:
i think what kidputter was trying to say is that in a regular family, the husband would prob not stop working because of the need of income in the household. of course this does not apply to Phil, since it doesnt need a periodical source of income. his decision to stay home and spend all his time with his family is wise and shows what a good model to follow he is.
My prayers go to all the Mickelson family.
ayparekh says:
I am fortunate enough to not know anyone with breast cancer. However, this disease sucks the life out of you and the most important thing a cancer patient needs is mental and physhological support. Glad Phil can provide that to his wife without worrying about money. It would seem that once certain things are under control, he will be back plus Im sure he will still continue to practice as and when he gets the opportunity.
ayparekh says:
sorry. i meant "phychological".
engrbunny says:
I am a big fan of Phil's and will miss watching him play. I agree that he understands life priorities and made a difficult but awesome decision to be by his Amy's side. My wife Sherri and I would like to wish Amy all the best and you are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless
JWHpurist says:
My level of respect for Phil has increased based on his decision in this matter. "Family Comes First", and he can continue with his career in this game when this major problem is under control. He and his family receive my best wishes and sympathy and "I will think good thoughts" relative to a positive resolution of this major problem! JWHpurist
ToddRobb says:
There is no right or wrong decision here, it's strictly a personal matter that should be handled by the people involved. What if Amy said she wants him to keep playing? We tend to put our own expectation on people unjustly so. I don't see Phil in any other light than before, he could put his family first while still playing or not, people handle situations the way they handle them, who are we to judge.
kidputter says:
12 days and Phil has announced he will return to the tour. Still have that high opinion of him? He's a golfer. He's a husband. Face it, he's a man. He's like most of us on this site. Golf is in his blood and he misses it enough to leave his wife for a few days here and there to play.
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