Do You Play For Money?
By Kickntrue on 5/20/09
I know we do posts about money/betting occasionally, but I'm wondering how many people actually play for money on the course. I have one set of friends where we have to have a conference call the night before to negotiate all the crap we play for. We run about 20 different games at the same time- and we always let the same person total everything at the end because nobody else understands. Guess who always comes out ahead? I have other friends where we don't even think about playing for penny skins, we just play.

One of my new favorite games to play though, is "32." We've actually adapted it to any series of numbers like "21" or "43." Basically you call a person out on the course by putting a little pressure on his hole. You are betting them 1 betting point that they won't get it in the hole in the latter number. If they do- you owe them 2x the bet. For example, you have a friend setting up to putt from 50 feet away. You call "32" on him saying that you think he'll 3 putt. If he does 3 putt- you win a betting unit from him. If he shuts you up by 2 putting- you owe him double the bet.

At any rate- What about you guys? Do you always have a couple bucks hanging on a game or is it all friendly?

Here are a couple more popular betting games if you're interested.

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dlouder says:
The Gaggle at my club is simply your standard $5 to play, winning team splits the pot. Simple and boring I know, but for a beginner like me, it's exciting.
ToddRobb says:
When I play with my regular group, we HAVE to play for money. Usually skins, low score or sixes. We rotate who gets to choose what we play. It cost $31 to play, the ultimate goal is to win enough to play for "free".
Frankie C says:
I used to play $5 Nassaus but now the guys want to play for 50 cents! I'm going to start going to the track instead.

Frankie C
ayparekh says:
With one group we usually bet "Round Robin", where the worst and best scores become partners after the front 9. Since we all pretty much play at the same level, its quite interesting and usually comes down to the last couple of holes. Also, closest to the pin on par 3s wins $1 from each player in the group. With another group, talking money is taboo....just grip it and rip it!
kidputter says:
I have a couple guys i play with who like to gamble. We play pot golf. High score per hole pays a buck in the pot. If we all tie, we all pay. Double bogie adds another buck. Triple bogie or higher adds another. Birdie takes a buck. Eagle takes $3. Low net score at the end of the round takes the pot.
I think we will start holding the money in a BALL SACK. Winner gets the sack.
bducharm says:
You ask if we play for money??? Is a bear Catholic??? Does the Pope poop in the woods??? Golf and betting goes together like and betting!!! I have actually up'ed the ante this year and started playing some professional 1-day mini-tour events here in Texas! It's like a big betting game - put your money up, shoot your best score and see what happens. Won my first event!!!
thwang85 says:
I have a group and we play with our individual handicaps. The higher handicaps take strokes on some holes. They play skins and rabbits, don't ask me how the scoring goes, I just collect or pay up (I guess I trust them, haha), usually make around 6 bucks for an average round. One par 3 on the front and one on the back are designated as drink holes where furthest away buys a round of drinks.
Shankapotamus says:
My group plays 32 but we only play it on the green and the bet is always about avoiding a 3 putt. If you call 32 on someone and he three putts, he owes you $2. If he two putts, you owe him $3. So our 32 is $3 for 2 putts or 3 putts for $2 rather than betting points.

As for betting in general, we usually just play $1 a hole or something small but I think you have to play for something to keep everyone playing after disaster holes and to make it competitive for players of all skill levels within the group. One of the many things that makes golf so great is that there is a system in place to level the playing field for all competitors.
Tex says:
We play units don't know what the comparable game is but basically you are teams of two designated by thrown balls. Units for longest drive (from the tee, on the fairway) gofers (chip in) ntp on par 3's and approach on par 5's and winner of the hole by stroke according to handicap/index. Carry over (halved) if drawn or no case for a winner.
TimmyBede says:
I always encourage the group to play Foozle (Coin Game). Taking the One-Putt coin off one of my friends or sticking them with the Water Harzad coin adds a great side game to any match. I think the coin game helps you focus on closing out each nine with strong holes.
dc8ce says:
We play Wolf a lot. We'll usually go bottom two buys the top two a drink at the turn & at the 19th hole. I like it because I normally play with better players than me, so it still gives me an opportunity to pick up points and stay in the game. Plus there's nothing better than being first up on a par three, hitting a great shot, landing the green and giving a big HOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLL!
birdieXris says:
occasionally i do. when i play most times i don't. I have a group i play with (my boss and buddys) that do a skins thing on a per hole basis. nickel and dime stuff. I have another group of guys who do big betting. They don't let me in on that though because they say i'm too good hahaha. Occasionally they'll let me in on the $1 par 3's though.
JDoughMO says:
We always play some sort of game. If money gets tossed around it's usually in the $1 or less range. Most times the bets become a running tab that we never actually pay. Or it gets paid in beers and shots over the weekend. I probably owe Shankapotumas weekend bender at this point.
falcon50driver says:
In some far away place a long time ago, two shepherds got drunk and one bet another he could knock a round rock into a rabbit hole a few yards away in fewer strokes than his friend. Golf was born... and the tradition of drinking and gambling has always been an integral part of the game.
GameDayDog says:
We play for cheeseburgers and or beer - after the 9th & 18th ... We'll have a closest to the pin contest for $1 on some par three's.. and if we're not being rushed, we'll have a putting contest on some of the larger greens... As my handicap drops, I'll try to raise the bets.. :D
mricketson says:
match play, $5 on the front, $5 on the back and $5 more for 18. $1 for sandys and closest to the pin on par 3s (must validate by birdie or par, no $ for 3 putts) $1 for birdies. Then you can bet on anything as you go.
Bernie Duffer says:
At the Southwood Golf Club in Tallahassee, Florida, the "GNatS" (Golf Nuts at Southwood)play three days a week. We all throw in $5 and play for points (8=eagle, 4=birdie, 3=par from sand, 2=par, 1=bogey). The player with the best score against his average from his best 10 out of the last 20 rounds is the winner. The winner pays for the drinks at lunch. If the winner is lucky, he gets free lunch, pays for the drinks and walks away without having to throw in any extra cash.
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