Michael J. Fox Playing Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/21/09
Michael J. Fox is playing golf in the pro-am of the Principal Charity Classic, a Champions Tour event in Iowa next week. Of course this is "news" because Fox has Parkinson's which makes walking hard, let alone hitting a golf ball. Michael J. (I never got the "J," is their another Mike Fox?) says taking up golf is the "most optimistic" thing he has ever done.

Good luck sir. Good luck.

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Ben Crane says:
I loved this guy on Spin City. Good to see he is not wasting his life by complaining about the hand he has been dealt.
HotBacon says:
I used to caddy for a lady w/ Parkinsons. She could barely walk down the fairway w/ all the wobbling her head and hands were doing, but when she addressed the ball her body would be perfectly still. It was amazing to watch.
jdaly says:
Good for him, I think that's great.
Trip says:
When he had to join the screen actors guild, there was another Michael Fox, so he added the J. Just like Michael Keaton...there was another Michael Douglas so he used his mothers maiden name Keaton.

By the way, good luck Michael!
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