Pay To Get Beat By Hot Chick
By Kickntrue on 5/22/09
How much would you pay to play a round of golf with a hottie, and get your butt kicked to boot?
Play Golf Designs offers up rounds of golf with attractive girls who wear a little less than the usual argyle vests and khaki pants. The idea is for guys to spice up an otherwise dull corporate outing or bachelor party. All of the golfers hired play at the elite level, being members of the LPGA, Ladies European Tour, CN Canadian Tour and more.
While pro golfers are independant contractors and can do whatever they want with their free time, I have a hard time believing any Tour will be happy with their girls being a part of this. That said- it wouldn't be that hard to round up 25 hot girls good enough to beat 95% of most men. I'm more concerned about the price tag to do it- between $2k-$25k depending on the outing.

I guess I'm not personally concerned about the "girls being exploited" aspect as some might, because they are making a choice on their own to be part of this. It seems on the up and up and it is JUST golf, but if I'm a bachelor party spending $5k on this, you do have to wonder what else you're getting. That's a lot of money to spend when you could probably just go to a really nice course and flirt with the cart girl.

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Thanks to Darrell for the tip.

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oobscott2 says:
i wouldnt pay 2 grand
dlouder says:
I'll post the same thing I sent to Andrew with the link to this story... I donGÇÖt know how I feel about this. Granted, hot/attractive women on the course is a good thingGǪ but hot women that can kick your ass is quite another. Not to mention the $2,500-$25,000 price tag to have your ass handed to you.

Sexist, perhaps... but at my course, the most attractive woman is my wife... all the rest are old enough to be my grandmother, or be legally dead.
mjaber says:
I could see it as part of a corporate client schmoozing, or a lonely rich guy looking for someone pretty to play a mixed-partners tournament with. I wouldn't mind being in the group behind them, though.

I don't see a problem with it, as long as it truly is just golf. I wonder, though, if there is something on the website stating something close to the escort-site disclaimers that money exchanged is just for time spent between 2 people and anything else is the choice of 2 consenting adults...
mjaber says:
I just ran play golf designs through yahoo and I came across this little article about the company.

It sounds like its more like an event planning company, instead of the "escort service" it's represented as by the Time article.
Eddy Whitaker says:
Anna Rawson is one of their if you want to play with he..this is your oppurtunity
aaronm04 says:
So let me make sure I understand. I drop $2-25K to get beat (in golf) by a hot chick(s). How about I just play a regular round with my buds and we hit the gentleman's club afterward? That $2-25k would sure go a lot farther there...
falcon50driver says:
Eddie Whitaker was that a typo, or am I sadly mistaken about Anna.
bducharm says:
Guaranteed - not 1 of their girls can beat me....anyone who would like to put up the cash I will guarantee double your money back!!!
kidputter says:
I looked at the website. The list of players does NOT include Anna Rawson. It has several formidable players, but no established, upper level LPGA players. And yes, this is a tournament, corporate outing service.
JWHpurist says:
This must be "Hugh Hefner's" version of "Playboy Club on The Golf Links", after smoking to much "weed". JWHpurist
Eddy Whitaker says:
when i posted on here..she was listed as a professional of theirs..they changed the website though..when i saw it, it had 24 professionals it only has 22
iluv5pam says:
agreed with Eddy. I checked last week and the link was not broken, and her info was in there. I was thinking the same thing...too bad.
cbriggsk says:
are the critics saying the same thing about every pro dude that takes cash/appearance fee for a corporate round? every player who can do it does it, always has and always will...and I can assure you tiger's fee is a heck of a lot higher than Play Golf Designs, but noone is worried about the 'value of that cash and if 'extra benefits' are included...and bducharm, if you are shooting 75ish on a course groomed for country club golf, you are positively delusional if you think you wouldn't get your arse handed to you by a touring lpga player...even if y'all play fromt he same tees.
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