The Golf Channel Amateur Tour
By Kickntrue on 1/4/07
The Golf Channel (you know- that one you never watched before but are now going to have to because they will be carrying real events) is continuing something pretty fantastic for the new year: their Amateur Tour. The idea is that everyone can participate in a golf circuit regaurdless of handicap. There are 6 different flights so everyone can be competitive, and they have different "tour" locations all over the country.

If anyone is willing to do this, would be very interested in following your progess. In fact, we are thinking about bringing out our 20+ handicaps and playing ourselves, in the old Snead flight. For only $200, this really is a great deal and could be a lot of fun ($200 is Tour fee, you still pay for each event individually based on course).

Check out The Golf Channel's Amateur Tour Homepage HERE

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klangdon says:
This is kinda cool. Wish it was closer to me...
golfgirl says:
I'm gonna try here in CT. 20+ of course :o) Can't wait.
Progolfer63 says:
I played the tour in Houston, Tx last year and placed 2nd. I went to Nationals and competed in the Team and Individual event. I enjoyed it so much that I asked to be the Tour Director for Louisiana and East Texas - 2008... Well here we go...If anyone in interested in joinging my tour or playing in an event send me an email at and check out my blog at

Tour Director, Louisiana/East Texas
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