Doesn't look like much of a golfer.
Bank Robber On Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 5/22/09
Minnesota golfers be on the looking today for a 30-40 year old man, 5'10" with medium to large build. He robbed a bank and fled towards Eagle Valley Golf Course in Woodbury. I see we have a couple people playing the course there regularly, so ... CRAP! Did we seriously have someone from oob rob a bank? Not cool.

What do you do if you see a masked man running through the course? Do you stay out of the way or try to trip him with your driver? Honestly, it's a good gimmick to run onto the course, ditch the outfit and start playing around. You expect golfers to be more white collar criminals, and nobody seems to carry more cash than golfers, so you wouldn't be suspected when you pull out a big old wad of cash.

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dlouder says:
Eh, it looks like he's wearing blue jeans... and no collared shirt. He'll stand out on the course. Wait... is that Wacko Jacko?
tommyt39 says:
Hey man it was not me. I was with my wife all day. I am pretty sure that we did not rob a bank today!
skirchner says:
Got to pay for Pro-V1's some how...Just kidding I was nowhere near Minesota....I think
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