HOLY CRAP! Normal People Food!!
Private Courses Going Public
By Kickntrue on 5/25/09
In tough economic times some courses are being forced to open up their doors to us, the riff raff. This Washington Post article highlights one such club near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that just didn't have enouh "elite" in it's town to support a private club, so it's opened its doors to the public.
Instead of handpicking its members from a waiting list, UCC advertises in the local paper, has relaxed its dress code and features a menu designed for what the new chef calls "budget-conscious eating." Out: the filet mignon for $30. In: super nachos for $7.95.

"We've gone from chichi to Chi-Chi's," one member says.
The good news though, is so far it's just the dining room/restaurant. It'd be an absolutely devistating thing to let normal people with normal incomes to actually touch the golf course!

... I could deal with another couple months of a recession. Wonder how Congressional CC is looking. :)

Full Story - Washington Post
Via GeoffShackelford.com

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gtakacs says:
Actually you can play a round for $32. It's in the article that the golf course went public long before the dining room did.
Tim Horan says:
Afer adding a short course and another nine hole loop my course opened up a few years ago to pay and play and also to more corporate and society golf. Although the membership complain occasionally that visitors don't repair divots or pitch marks it has it's benefits...Our annual fees have remained static for three years now. The course marshalls keep them moving pretty fast to meet their crossover times and remind them about course repair.
AbsoluteZero says:
One of our local CCs is actually opening up play to the public for a short period of time this summer in order to make some extra money/show the public what they are missing.

If I were a member I'd be furious. Then again, I wouldn't be as mad as if they increased the dues or decided to give the members and assessment to make ends meet.
Frankie C says:
How about a list of these former private, current public courses.

Frankie C
BK88 says:
Money. Money changes everything. Next thing you know they'll be letting the caddies play! (just kidding..ref. the movie, "The greatest Game Ever Played)
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