Daly's Coming Home
By Kickntrue on 5/26/09
John Daly will be back on the PGA Tour making a start at the St. Jude Championship in 3 weeks. He'll also try to qualify for the US Open.

Daly has played well in his starts in Europe and it will be pretty interesting to see what he can do with his starts stateside. He'll get up to 6 events from sponsor's exemptions to make enough money to make the Tour next year. If he picks the right events, and puts a couple weekends together, he may have a shot.

And now... a small rant about the PGA Tour. Did you know they never officially said they suspended Daly for 6 months? Did you know they never officially confirmed that Daly's suspension is over? I didn't- but it's in the link, and pretty interesting. Doesn't surprise me knowing what I know about the golf industry.

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ToddRobb says:
That's how they roll, they issues fines and suspension almost every week without telling the media.
Kickntrue says:
Can anyone prove that Tiger's knee was actually busted?! ... ... ...
Frankie C says:
Lots of negative comments about JD on forums, etc. but these people haven't walked in his shoes, have they? Good luck and come on all the way back, John!

Frankie C
Barroomhero says:
John Daly is a hero to the everyday man! Triumphs and struggles that alot of us can relate to. Not some unapproachable Celeb put on a pedestal. I for one am excited for his return and I hope that he is successful. Good Luck and God bless John not all of us have turned our backs on you.
yomonk1 says:
Big John is rockin it in London. Last I heard down to 225lbs and got him a good woman by his side. Cant wait to see him back Stateside
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