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Staring down number 1
Bethpage Black- Open For Business
By Kickntrue on 5/26/09
I've talked before how awesome I think WGT.com is (they don't pay me, I swear) and now it's even better. The US Open, Bethpage and WGT.com (World Golf Tour) have worked together to create a virtual Bethpage Black. You can play the course with your virtual golfer and compete to win a grand prize of a trip to the 2010 US Open. Oh, it's FREE!

The WGT.com game site just continues to get better and better. If you're into gaming at all- and realisitic golf simulation, this cannot be matched. Not by EA Sports Tiger Woods game or anything else. I'm also impressed that the powers that be in golf had the foresight to hook up something like this. I think it's a good move on their part to embrace the technology.

I can't wait to play a couple rounds and relive my experience at Bethpage. It's so realistic that it will give you a feel of what the Open competitors will be dealing with in a couple weeks.

WGT.com and US OPEN Virtual Tournament

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Kickntrue says:
+22 on my first round. was pretty happy with it. it's awesome how they make it realistic by not letting you kill the ball pga tour style.
jerdman says:
Its not awesome how they make it unrealistic by making you a hit like a typical teenage girl on a long golf course. A perfect 4 iron with 10mph wind behind you should go a little more than 156 yds. I understand the game is designed for other golf courses, but at least for a qualifier for the U.S. Open to offer a little more distance for the player. It turned into hitting a bunch of full power shots real quick, and then attempting to save par with a couple miracle shots. I only suffered through 9 holes.
dampfire says:
Game is truely awful. So boring, no back ground noise to keep you interested...my player must have no muscles...
klangdon says:
how long does a full round take?
Kickntrue says:
Full round takes longer than you'd think.. maybe 30-40 minutes if you concentrate and take your time. While I see these other guy's points... everything they dislike is what I do like. It ISN'T Tiger Woods where you can shoot -20 in a round. If you hit it in the rough, you're dead and have to hack out. You can't hit it 300 yards. It plays like an AVERAGE golfer would play.
Trip says:
OK, after 1 practice round, I shot an 89 on the Black. I can barely reach the fairways! I thought it was fun in a more realistic way... I agree with Kickntrue, plays like an average golfer.
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