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Kid's Involved In Pro-Am
By Kickntrue on 5/27/09
Here's a smart idea from the PGA and the Travelers Championship coming up in late June- kids will be playing in the Wednesday Pro-Am. If you live in Connecticut or Western Massachusetts you shoudl check this out- as kids 10-18 can write the tournament and tell them why you deserve 9 holes with the pros. I wonder if I could pass as 18?

Smart. Very smart.

Funny how a recession is actually starting to bring some positive change and a fresh breath to the highest levels of golf. Next thing you know... they'll hear about the internet.


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dlouder says:
This is a freaking great idea... now they need to extend it to 30-38 year olds...
Kickntrue says:
30-38 year olds can already play. just have an extra 5k sitting around.
dlouder says:
@kickntrue. Maybe I should've copied the article again and changed the ages, so you'd get it. I meant it as allowing 30-38 year olds write the tournie and tell them why we deserve 9 holes with the pros...
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