Free Golf Lesson Month Almost Over
By Kickntrue on 5/28/09
May is Free (10 Minute) Golf Lesson Month, an event led by the PGA with a ton of other participants. That means you have 3 days left to get to a participating PGA Pro and getting your free lesson.

Of course- spending 10 minutes with a golf pro is like going to see a chiropractor for a "half-adjustment." There are certainly people who could benefit from 10 minutes, but I feel like it'd be a nightmare for some. 10 minutes is JUST enough to really screw me up.

Good luck though! Has anyone done this yet this month? I'm interested to hear stories.

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mbills1015 says:
It would be interesting to see if you could line up 3 participating courses and get 3 seperate 10 min lessons --- you could go with Driver --- irons -- wedges. 10 mins on each specifically could really help. Hmmmm --- maybe that's an idea for next year!
Kickntrue says:
That sounds like hell. That's like getting a painting lesson by 3 different artists. I don't think you'd get past each of them fixing the other pros grip changes.
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