Should Daly Stay In Europe?
By Kickntrue on 5/28/09
ESPN's Bob Harig thinks John Daly should stay in Europe where things are going well. John has now received 2 sponsors exemptions in the USA and will be playing on his native soil in 3 weeks.

Everyone can have an opinion (and I ask you to share yours) but I think Bob's a bit off here. Daly should play where he wants and where he is wanted. If he's really changed- he needs to be changed everywhere. Plus- I need to watch him. We want to watch him, to see, to believe.

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dlouder says:
Bob does make sense. I think he's implying that Daly should just play out the rest of the year/season in Europe, then return stateside.

I agree with you though, I miss seeing him bomb off the tee. I miss seeing him pissed. He brings a sense of 'everyman' to the game. I follow him on Twitter, and the guy is about as down to Earth as you can be. It's hard to not root for him, ever.
mmontisano says:
let him stay over there. he needs to get some confidence in himself and his game and Europe is providing it for him right now. if he comes back now, so will all of the bad influences.

if you really want to watch him, wake up early on a Saturday and Sunday and watch the European Tour broadcasts on Golf Channel.
Tim Horan says:
I think that John should play where he is happiest...wherever that my be. His home is obviously America and a natural choice. Cut the man a break here! he is perhaps the most entertaining golfer ever; A little flakey here and there; not always politically correct, but infinitly more enjoyable to watch than robotic college golfers.
JWHpurist says:
He should do what "Common Sense & Economics" dictate and see if "He Can Get All His Shit Together In One Bag" and rise to a higher level of achievement and development as a decent human being!! JWHpurist
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