See- I'm in 2nd!
I'm going to win my own fantasy league...
By Kickntrue on 1/5/07
While I knew that Fantasy Golf was not hugely popular, I really did think we could do better than FOUR people so far in our oobgolf fantasy league. How can 10k people come through our site and we get a response of 4 (and one of them is me?) The good news is it's not too late. With only one day of the PGA Season gone- I bet you can still catch up.

I would hate to win my own prize- but I will do it if it happens. I am currently in 2nd place and I'm feeling a big round today out of Appleby.

Find out how to join- and win a prize- HERE!

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TinCup says:
Did you say you're in second place?...

"Second place is first looser." - Ricky Bobby

Go Vijay!
klangdon says:
Trevor Immelman, is going to win it all. Too bad everyone in the league is playing him. TinCup are you The 19th Hole?
TinCup says:
Yes, it's my first time in a fantasy golf league and I'm looking forward to some fun.
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