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Gulbis Tweets
LPGA Wants Twittering On Course
By Kickntrue on 5/28/09
The LPGA's Commish Carolyn Bivens is encouraging players to Tweet on Twitter, while they'll playing, even during tournaments. Sure, it breaks all kinds of golf etiquette, but I'm all for this.

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klangdon says:
So what prevents them from using illegal help on the same mobile device like gps or if someone is tweeting them about the previous golfers club selection.
Kickntrue says:
The LPGA is a femtlewoman's game. They'd never do that.
JWHpurist says:
Another example of "Worthless New Age BS". Good players & Winners focus on the "Game" and the "Shot At Hand", need no extraneous data or interruptions, and will play well and score low without this BS!! This "Excrement" is "A Pure Laugh A Minute"! Carolyn Bivens is less than thoughtful a great deal of the time! Nancy Lopez would have "Kicked The Crap Out Of These Young Darlings", just like she did to Laura Baugh years ago!! JWHpurist
GameDayDog says:
It's overkill to tweet whyle playing golf, especially in a competitive, televised, sanctioned event... I get enough insight during the on-course interviews and having mics on the players during the round.
klangdon says:
I could see caddies tweeting, seems pretty distracting for the players.
komega19 says:
My daughter is on the HS varsity team, and while she doesn't "tweet", she does text me constantly. Not for advice, but odd stuff like what the other girls are wearing, or how much they are eating, or the pretty views. SHe even zaps pictures, etc... I could see hou that could be used as an aid, but, hmmm....
dlouder says:
I agree with @klangdon, I can see caddies doing it for the players, but I just can't see how tweeting wouldn't distract the players.
mmontanaro says:
This is just an effort to get popularity in the LPGA going again. When fans have access to players like this, popularity soars. Unless the player "subscribes" to the Twitter accounts of other people, which could be monitored by the LPGA, tweeting is "one way." I personally think it is overkill- having players send tweets before and after their round is sufficient for me- but hey, this is a new world. Twitter is a fad for the most part anyway- I'm already seeing Twitter and Facebook activity for a lot of the people I follow drop off tremendously. It takes time- and time is the one thing we don't have enough of.
birdieXris says:
I guess it's kinda like the live-scoring. I don't think it's a good idea though. Here's the scenario -- 3 shots back, 5 to play, wind's out of the left on a 428yd par 4. Take the 3 or take the dr--- oh hell did i tweet last hole? -- where was i?

Players have enough to worry about during a round other than getting on a mobile device and telling people what they're doing at any given time. Tweet beforehand. we can all assume you're playing golf then.

then again... i'd tweet natalie gulbis anytime. :)
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