Tune In For Today For "Pink Out"
By Kickntrue on 5/30/09
Pink will be out in force today at Colonial to support Amy Mickelson and others with breast cancer. Hopefully the players will be more than just wearing pink- and will be making donations to cancer research as well.

Steve Stricker is your 36 hole leader.

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jerdman says:
Sean O'Hair didn't play well cause he was self-conscious about not wearing pink.
birdieXris says:
i would totally wear more pink if they made it a little better suited to men. I can't find any breast cancer gear that's any good for men. It's all crappy looking 2nd class stuff. crappy printed/stitched logos or designs. LIke men aren't supposed to support it on a daily basis or something. I wore solid pink before though. Use pink tees too. Everyone looks at me weird -- until i knock it by them 50 yards. I wish they made something cool for guys.
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