Sticker won yet another playoff on the Tour
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By Kickntrue on 5/31/09
South African Tim Clark hit an amazing follow up shot to Steve Sticker's on the 2nd hole of the playoff, only to be a bit TOO good. Clark's ball hit the bottom of the flagstick and bounded away leaving Stricker with a 4 footer to win, which he drilled to win the Crowne Plaza Invitational.

Clark had two chances to win from less than 12 feet, both of which he left short.

Stricker also hit an amazing shot on the 17th, the 2nd playoff hole, to about 4 feet to apply the pressure.

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chipotle mg says:
I love this event. The end was exciting and the CBS crew did a wonderful job announcing it, especially David Fherty. Congrats to Wisconsin's Steve Stricker. Clark and Marino will have their day.
Les Page says:
It appears in this case the play-off experience won. Agreed, they will have their day. Glad to see Stricker hang on the Hope had to be a tough loss. I can't even imagine the pressure on Clark with that four footer. Good tournament.
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