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Worst "Natural" Annoyance
By Kickntrue on 6/10/09
What is your least favorite "natural" issue that can ruin your day on the golf course? To me, extreme sun exposure leading to sunburn sucks, but my least favorite by far is bugs. The most beautiful course can be ruined for me when all I'm doing is waiving my hat around in front of me. I guess it's un-environmentally friendly of me, but I say spray pesticides all day, every day!

That said, I know I'm an extreme freak about this. Days I'm going crazy, I see others not bothered at all.

What about you guys? Overgrown rough? Allergies? Other things I can't think of...?

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TheBrownCrayon says:
The heat is what kills me in the summer. I'm a total chunker and we sweat a lot.
jerdman says:
Messed up contacts. I suffered through the round with the pain, and the doublevision it was giving me and still played well, but I had a real hard time enjoying playing golf.
Ben Crane says:
Eating breakfast at Denny's before the round
gbrink4 says:
BUGS! Nothing is worse than gnats flying into your eyes mid-swing.
dlouder says:
I tried the OFF! Clip On the other day. I put it on my bag/push cart. I played 3 holes without it... and was eaten alive. I played the rest with the clip on, and didn't get bit once. I recommend it highly.
klangdon says:
Frost. I love being the first one out in the morning to eliminate any chance of slow play. But that plan backfires pretty quick when the sun comes up and the greens are covered in frost. Most coures end up pushing all tee times back a full hour until it clears.
ToddRobb says:
Allergies, there are times when my nose won't stop running and the watery eyes makes it hard to see the ball.
pikapp23 says:
Really soggy turf is a real annoyance because you end up losing balls in the middle of the fairway, not to mention it just makes walking much more tiring. I will also agree that bugs are a real annoyance - especially those stupid little gnats that always seem to be in my face.
mmontisano says:
3 things actually. bugs, sun screen in the eyes and squirrels. yes, squirrels. they're ALWAYS stealing my granola bars!!!
dsferris says:
Bugs- The course I play alot was over run with ground bees. They don't sting but trying to hit a shot in a bunker with a swarm (500+) of bees around.

Geese- I like them but they poo everywhere, and this time of year when the gosslings are around the geese can get very aggressive.
Chosen12b says:
This is not natural, but the dang greens keepers mowing and watering the greens while playing!! bugs the crap out of me.
kis3r says:
Bugs are by far the worst followed by my allergies being triggered by freshly cut grass
GolfSmith7 says:
Allergies, my nose starts running and my game goes with it, lol
hh says:
Hitting off of mats on the range before a round or a tournament I hat it, you cant tee up your driver because the tee is usually too high or too low.
terpsno1 says:
Thunder & Lightning
kidputter says:
Leaves on the ground. My home course is famous for hiding my tee shot in plain sight amongst the leaves.
mjaber says:
The heat in McAllen, TX has kept me off the courses here this week. I may brave it tomorrow, just so lugging my clubs from MA wasn't a complete waste, but it's supposed to be about 101, with a heat index of 110.
Hacker Al says:

man, did you say it!
messed up contacts are extremely annoying, distracting, and negatively effecting of your round.
nico13 says:
i hate when the grounds crew insists on mowing and weedwacking while you are trying to concentrate on your shot at hand.
Les Page says:
One: Bugs. Two: Thunder Storms. One: and new Off Unit. Two: Play early morning.
ipv6freely says:
I agree with dsferris - geese are irritating and they crap all over the green on the 1st hole.
Virtuaframax says:
allergies... my eyes get hitchy and i keep sneezing... no way i can concentrate!
bsta93 says:
My biggest problem with nature is gravity. For some reason, my ball always finds large depressions to land in and stop.
kyfrydan says:
I love playing in the fall when there is a crisp chill in the air, but I hate when your ball rolls up under a bunch of leaves!
falcon50driver says:
The blackbirds have learned that a lot of people buy snacks at the turn, so they wait around the #10 tee box and steal your stuff right out of the cart while you are teeing off.
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