Oy... that would go well.
Ultimate Foursome
By Kickntrue on 6/12/09
Here's a tried and true post- if you could play golf with 3 other people in history, who, and why?

I brought it up- so I'll go first.

My Ultimate Foursome:
Me- so I can witness it.
Tiger Woods- because they say he's the greatest
Jack Nicklaus (in his prime) - so I can settle the debate
Adam Sandler- so maybe (not sure) I'm not the worst in the group, and so I have someone to keep things light with while those two grind away.

I'm sure if I really thought about this- I could come up with a better foursome, but that's your job now.

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ToddRobb says:
Tiger, Michael Jordan and someone from my regular group.
drew1473 says:
Me- so i can enjoy it, witness it, and chat with them
Boo Weekley- watch him and long john tee off
John Daly- see above
Kenny Perry- so atleast one person in our group hits the ball in the fairway
whomsley says:
Me - because I need to see the greatness w/my own eyes
Arnold Palmer - anytime in his career, because he seems like such a nice guy and he makes one tasty beverage.
Tiger Woods - because everyone needs to see him in person once in their lives
Phil Mickelson - again, seems to be a super nice guy and he would make the round fun.
Lerxst says:
Me - because wouldn't you?
Paula Creamer
Natalie Gulbis
Morgan Pressel

.... I just had to....
ipv6freely says:
Me - You'll see exactly why I want to be involved in just a second...
Natalie Gulbis - Obvious reasons
Morgan Pressel - Again, obvious reasons
Paula Creamer - Do you see a pattern here?
ipv6freely says:
BOOO Lerxst beat me to it! >:(
TheBrownCrayon says:
Why do all of you want to play with people that will smoke you? I'd play with Charles Barkley, Ernest Hemingway, and some comedian (Bill Murray, Ray Romano, Bob Hope, etc.)

I would love to see Hemingway complain about how it's a girl sport because he isn't wrestling a tiger or something and then Charles Barkley hits him in the junk with a 3 wood.
benhogan531 says:
I wouldn't want to be in the same cart with Bob Hopes corpse.
taylortony says:
Me Tiger, Daly Mediate
falcon50driver says:
Suzanne Petterson, Natalie Gulbis, Anna the penis envy lady.(her words)
falcon50driver says:
Hey Andrew, Isn't it about time for some more Anna pictures?
cabolick says:
Bobby Jones- He is still the greatest
Lee Trevino- Another great shot maker, and to keep things light.
Fred Couples- A great swing to watch.
cabolick says:
Now the 3 ladies I would like to be in a foursome with.

Paula Creamer- She does pink well.
Nancy Lopez- Another great player.
Annika S.- Anybody that shoots 59 can't be a bad partner.
twood says:
Me, Tiger, Phil & Jack
hansenaaron says:
Me, Phil, Fred Couples and Natalie Gulbis
Sidman says:
Your Mom
fieldg says:
one-tiger, best ever
two-jack, best ever...first
three-bill murray, does anyone have more fun on a course?
four-sergio-when he was younger, before all the expectations
bducharm says:
Tiger, John Daly, Byron Nelson, and myself...
kidputter says:
Me, Barkley, George Lopez, my dad. The last one is just a kid's dream to reconnect with his father.... and to kick his ass at something.
deadaccount57 says:
Tiger-Best Ever
David Feherety-Funniest Ever
Brian Olszewski- Because he would not forgive me if I didn't
dsferris says:
Boo Weekly for fun
Tiger for awe, and bragging rights in the 1 and a 653,000,000 chance I beat him on a hole
Deepak Chopra- I need all the help I can get and if he can help shed some light on staying calm, cool and collected, the lets do it.

Scott Van Pelt, David Feherty, and SIR Nick Faldo will commentate from right behind us as we play so we can hear them. Also, I want Rick Reilly on my bag so I can be in the next installment of his book.
Les Page says:
With me, for fun of the game: Jerry Kelly, Fred Funk and Rocco Mediate. I know Rocco would bring the finest of cigars. With the game makers: Jack, Arnold and Lee. With the women, Annika, Lorena and Angela Stanford, they got game. Buddies trip, with my brothers, it doesn't get any better.
Barroomhero says:
John Daly, Paddy Harrington and Phil
helfon says:
When ever I see these lists I always think something like if Tiger and Nicklaus are in a group with me Tiger is going to talk to Jack and not nearly as much me. I think if I were to have to pick a foursome it would be me, my dad, Tiger and if I had to pick a 4th then Teller from Penn and Teller :) Sure he could mime a few jokes now and then but he's not likely to dominate conversation.
falcon50driver says:
Barroomhero you have won the contest.
big1959 says:
me....jack...arnie...hogan to me thats GOLF
unknown1111 says:
me tiger phil and bubba
Barroomhero says:
Thanks Merlin2driver it just seems like a down to earth fun group, I was thinking of a list with some of the very attractive Female players, but I think I might be a bit distracted to play
woobwoob says:
Hulk Hogan, Rodney Dangerfield, Barack Obama, Me
possingk says:
Right now: Me, Hank Haney, David Leadbetter, and my golf pro.
When I can consistently break 100 on my course: Me, Lexus Keoninh, Kickntrue and klangdon (I think it would be a great time and I'd love to see Lex play live)
When I can break 90 Me, Chris Dimarco, Rocco Mediate, and Natalie Gulbis.
mjaber says:
Me, my friend Shawn, Rocco Mediate and Paul Goydos. I think I'd learn more about my game from Rocco and Paul than the Phil's and Tiger's, plus they seem like great guys who enjoy the game and appreciate the fact that they get to play a game for a living.
pvt4211 says:
Me, Tiger, Phil, Couples.
jp24 says:
I'm a huge Tiger fan but I'd have to go with this group.
Myself, My Son, Padraig Harrington & Ben Hogan
magundus says:
Daly, Kim , Tiger
brad6432 says:
Fuzzy, McCord, Stevie Williams and Myself....We can all laugh and make fun of Tiger all day.
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