Golf Course Injuries
By Kickntrue on 6/5/09
What is the most common injury that ails you on the golf course? Every amateur you play with seems to have some flaw in their swing that they've developed as a remedy to avoid some sort of pain they are afflicted with. Studies show knees and backs cause the most pain, but for me it's my fingers, especially lately. I think my days typing away to you guys have translated to bad finger joints when gripping the club.

There isn't much I can do except take a couple Miller Lites and deal with it.

What about you guys? What hurts, and how do you fix it? Oh- and don't bring any of that weak sause about "stretching and excercising" ... unless of course, you're being serious.

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mjaber says:
Every so often my left leg bothers me. It's a flare up of an injury from a few years ago. I busted my left femur playing football, and every once in a while, usually when there is a temp/barometric change, it aches.
kidputter says:
Front shoulder hurts if I play more than 4 days a week. I separated my shoulder 2 years ago and partially tore my rotator cuff. No surgery necessary but since then it keeps me from golfing every day.
Kolt15 says:
my back like the picture
subnetangel says:
my pinky in my left hand, I get Trigger finger when I play to much, the only remedy is not to play and THAT is not an option, I am going to change my clubs grips to a softer material, which should help reduce the impact vibrations.
milspank says:
My lower back, It prevents me from make a bigger turn, other then not playing I'm still trying to figure how to compensate for it.
Bryan K says:
My problem is exzema on my hands. I can't wear gloves because of it. The biggest problem is that I use an interlocking grip on most of my shots, and the webbing between the interlocking fingers is extremely raw all of the time. I've tried playing without the interlocking grip...just can't do it.
SirShank says:
My middle back towards the end of the round especially on a hot day. Maybe it is because I carry my bag?
JWHpurist says:
It is rather interesting to me to read this. I have played this game for over 50 years, I play 18, walk (using a pull cart), and feel nothing that day or the next. Perhaps I am lucky because I have lived a very active "Life Style" and am blessed with "Good Genes". A Game of Golf is a stress reducer and a method of relaxation for me!! A pleasurable persuit all the time! JWHpurist
munk24 says:
If you have golf injuries, especially a bad back, go to the Titleist Performance Insitute page and check out some of the docs in your area who are TPI certified, my son, a college golfer had suffered with a bad back for much of his junior career and could barely swing when I had him go to one, He was diagnosed with tight hip muscles, was stretched, given some stretches and his back hasnt bothered him since
genem says:
Two things for me. One is my lower back but that seems to be caused if I try to swing too hard or get too tense when I'm swinging. Relaxing and swinging loose and smooth helps that greatly. (It helps me keep from hooking the ball too!:-))The other is the middle and ring fingers on my right hand but I think that may just be some light arthritus.
Eddy Whitaker says:
yea..i had a bad back..i have terrible nerves i have thoracic outlet syndrome..and i'm sure i will get more injuries that come with golf
aggie0312 says:
I haven't had any golf injuries recently... *knocks on wood.* However, when I first started, I was using muscles a lot that I have never used before. Therefore, this resulted in lower back injuries, the oblique muscles on the left side of my back, and my left forearm. Also, the skin on my right hand completely peeled off. But, I'm all better now!!!
badgolfergreg says:
Tendonitis in both elbows/forearms. Went to oversize grips and this has helped a lot. Grips were simply too small causing me to have to squeeze them hard to keep control of the club. Also have mild sciatic nerve issues, extreme lower left back , left hip and down into my left leg. Usually not a factor but sometimes it will flare up. Lower back has to be stretched and kept loose or else.
cshel65 says:
I broke my left pinky in college and it was never set. It didn't heal quite right. I just started playing golf in Feb and I play about 5-6 times per week. My pinky has been giving me problems off the course but never on. It locks up when I try to make a fist. My lower back acted up today on the course for the first time ... I've had back problems for years....
woobwoob says:
Used to have back problems, but now i'm dealing with my left thumb hurting when I hinge in my backswing. Doesn't happen all the time, just here and there.
BoyWonder1112 says:
I have a bad left elbow, bad left knee, and a bad left foot. My whole left side is messed up i guess
WATTR says:
To all, yoga will help.
props123 says:
I have had back surgery and a bad back for years. When I play relaxed, no problems. I play more accurately when I am relaxed as well. I don't always play relaxed though... my back is my main pain.
Blakee1969 says:
First round in 8 months yesterday, found it unbearable due to pain in left wrist and forearm (inside). I kind of remember the same feeling last round of last year. Any ideas?
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