Amy Already Sick Of Phil
By Kickntrue on 6/2/09
That didn't take long. Amy Mickelson is sick of Phil sitting at home with her and is sending him back out to the course in time for the US Open. Remember last time at Bethpage, how Phil galvanized the New York crowds? Multiply that by 5x- and that's what you're going to see later this month.


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dsferris says:
I was in the 18th Grandstand on Sunday at the last Bethpage open, and everythime the score people went to post a whole socore on the big leaderboard almost everyone in the crowd was yelling for a birdie from Phil. It was a great day and I will never forget being there.
TimmyBede says:
I'm happy he's playing. I look forward to seeing him there on Sunday.
bducharm says:
My wife is sick of seeing me MOST days - this is great that Phil will be back out playing. Like I stated before, I am not the biggest Phil fan but I pray for Amy and Phil. Besides, I am fat, left handed, and goofy - just like Phil!!!
Tim Horan says:
All the very best to Amy, Phil and the Kids. It will be great to see Phil out there again soon.
GolfSmith7 says:
In momments of cris they say it is best to stick to a normal routine after a period of mourning... Wishing them the best in her beating the cancer.
kidputter says:
I called this 3 weeks ago and was almost crucified for saying it. I wish the best for her and the family still.
Guaranteed he won't use this as an excuse to play poorly (SERGIO). Hopefully the media will allow him some privacy regarding his private life situation (FAT CHANCE).

By the way, who's in mourning? She is sick. They believe they caught the disease early enough where there should be no recurrence (GOD WILLING) and should recover completely. Good luck. Glad Phil realized where his place is. With family when it's needed and at work providing for them when warranted.
GolfSmith7 says:
althought primarily used when someon dies, mourning can be used to express grief. 2nd dictionary meaning for mourning: "The passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief"
HeadMan says:
go get'em Phil!
falcon50driver says:
Everyone knows I'm a big Mickelson fan, I'm glad to see he's coming back to play.
jbird899 says:
I guess Mrs. FIGJAM was tired of hearing "Did you see how I mowed the lawn?" and "Man im good at grilling!". Just kidding, I'm glad his wife is doing better than they expected. She does a lot for charity and its a shame to see when bad things happen to good people. Im going to round 3 and I'm glad one of my favorites will be there for me to follow around.
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