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Could You Move Those Holes, Please?
By Kickntrue on 6/2/09
An Arkansas course has been told they must move 7 of their 9 holes to be clear of the local airport.
Judge Harold S. Erwin of Newport ruled that the golf course breached a long-standing lease between the country club and Walnut Ridge, which owns the airport land.

The club built six holes and part of a seventh hole alongside north- and southbound Runway 18-36 in 1972. The holes are within 500 feet of the runway, violating Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the judge said.
The course and airport had been co-existing since 1972, but the airport applied for a permit to allow largers aircraft to land two years ago, which causes the legal battle. There isn't enough land for the course to rebuild around the restricted area. It is a little crazy to think the two signed a lease 40 years ago, that all of a sudden becomes void. If there were really issues, the airport should've said something long ago.

It's like not liking how your wife uses the space in the bathroom with all her crap- and then 40 years later deciding to get divorced over it just because you got a new beard trimmer that doesn't fit on the shelves. Wow- I should write analogies for the SATs!

It also seems a bit cruel since I read stories weekly about golf courses being used as emergancy landing areas for small planes. You'd think after all golf courses have done for airplanes, they could once return the favor.

Anyway... I hate to see a course with such great small town history have to go, but I can't imagine a 2 hole course working... though it would cut down costs significantly. :)

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kidputter says:
It would cut scores drastically, too.

I see a buyout in the future. That means the airport will charge the airlines more, which means we will foot the bill, AGAIN.
mjaber says:
From what I'm reading, the course was in violation of the lease from day 1. The only reason it's been allowed for so long is that the airport was only licensed for smaller aircraft. I think it's more like having an area of your yard that is close to the lot line, and you have a shed or garage in that space. It's always been OK with your neighbor, until he wants to put in a new pool, or an addition on his house. The town comes in to do a survey and tells you that you have to move/take down your structure because it is in violation of an ordinance.

I agree it sucks, but just because it is how it has always been doesn't mean it's right.
falcon50driver says:
Back in the 80's I landed at Walnut Ridge for a fuel stop, and noticed two smoky looking buildings on the property. I asked the attendant if they were smelters. He said "that's exactly what they are". He showed me a newspaper photograph of the airport with 11,000 airplanes parked there. He said the army melted them all down after the war and that some of the B-17s had just rolled off the assembly line in Long Beach and were flown to Walnut Ridge to be melted down.
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