June Is Women's Golf Month
By Kickntrue on 6/3/09
American Express is sponsoring Women's Golf Month in the month of June. Ladies can find a participating facility and enjoy a bunch of cool stuff like:
* Free golf lessons and clinics
* Networking receptions
* Golf rules and etiquette seminars
* Fashion shows
* On-course playing opportunities
* On-course golf instruction
* Luncheons
I'd love to write some smart-ass comment about when men will get their golf month, but who's kidding who? This is a good thing to get more women on the course and playing good golf.

Guys- you want to play golf more? Get your woman addicted to the game. Even if you enjoy golf as a time with your boys, if she's playing too- with her girls, you'll be on the links more.

Check out these links for more info and to find a participating facility.

Women's Golf Month - Official Site
More Info For New England Ladies

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birdieXris says:
sweet. Maybe there will actually be more women golfers on the course who ARENT attached to douchebag boyfriends.Yall know what i mean. Apologies to any douchebag boyfriends on the site. hahaha.

Seriously though-- i think this is a great thing. A lot of women that i know, for whatever reason, don't watch enough LPGA and always use Tiger woods as a benchmark. I guess because he's a big name, but they get discouraged from even trying golf because "i could never hit it that far" etc etc, fill in the blank here. Great idea IMO.
TheBrownCrayon says:
I would never leave the course if I thought I could pick up girls there...
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