Jackie Burke on Fixing Golf
By klangdon on 6/4/09
We talk a lot at oobgolf about how to fix the struggling business side of golf. Jackie Burke (Masters & PGA Champion) had a lot to share on the subject yesterday at the Memorial Tournament. The NY Times has a good writeup on his opinions here.

Two quick interesting excerpts:

I'd like to see the clubs start getting in young players and not putting the price up so high that the young people cannot afford to play. If you donGÇÖt see kids at a country club, theyGÇÖre running a bad club.

If the Rules of Golf were put on all the boardroom tables in the United States, including on Wall Street, thereGÇÖd be fewer people go to jail. TheyGÇÖve got white stakes out here on the golf course, and youGÇÖre supposed to play between them, not outside of them.

Read the rest @ NY Times

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Bernie Duffer says:
Click on the link and read the entire article in the New York Times. It is well worth it.
JWHpurist says:
Worthwhile comments from a "Wise & Mature Gentleman!! JWHpurist
TimmyBede says:
I think he has a great message. I spent a lot of time working on a golf course when I was growing up. I think it helped shape my life in a lot of ways.
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