Tiger Switched Irons
By Kickntrue on 6/8/09
An interesting side note to Tiger's win on Sunday at The Memorial is that he ditched the new Victory Red irons from Nike and switched back to the forged blades he's played previous years.

I've heard great things about the Victory Reds (I've not hit any of them), but Tiger switching away to a previous model can't be ideal for the marketing campaign. I wouldn't be surprised to see them back in the bag soon though- even if they're the old irons with a VR stamp. Tiger also switched his Nike SQ Dymo Driver to 10 degrees of loft, sacrificing some distance for accuracy.

Tiger's Bag
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DeepRough says:
For the longest time people were saying he was playing Mizuno blades with a nike swoosh stamped on the back. His Newport 2 and DG X100s seem to be a long term lock in his bag.
Kickntrue says:
Yah- I heard those Mizuno rumors too. If that was true, would Nike have had to pay Mizuno secretly, or just jack the clubs?
mmontanaro says:
Interesting... especially after he won last year with VR irons in his bag. Remember his Golf Channel show- one of the episodes with Anthony Kim in it? He made the comment that he was the first person to win a golf tournament with the new Victory Red irons. Tiger is historically slow to make club/ball changes, but they'll eventually be back in his bag.
burgerkingsg1 says:
Does it really matter? Obviously Tiger was more comfortable with the old irons but I don't think that is gonna hurt VR sales. You hear stories of pros that lose their game after making club changes, i'm actually more surprised that tiger did not go back to the old driver.
ToddRobb says:
I agree, I don't think that if he uses them or not matters for sales, that's just pretty much what a salesman would say trying to sell them to you, "these are the irons Tiger uses". Would that actually make you buy them or not?? They might lose as many sales as they make with that pitch. I watch a lot of golf channel and golf tournaments and I've never seen a commercial with him pitching them.
ipv6freely says:
Meh, I think Tiger is a freak of nature and the clubs he plays with are irrelevant. So saying "Tiger uses these" would NOT be a selling point for me. However, if somebody pointed me at Mickelsons clubs... that may be a different story. To me, he's the Rodney Mullen of the golf world. (And if you don't know who Rodney Mullen is - www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U-cgn3cEGA ... even if you don't like skateboarding, there's still a "wow" factor to the things he does)
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