Tiger at Bethpage this morning.
Tiger Tackles Bethpage
By Kickntrue on 6/8/09
Tiger Woods played a 17+ holes of a practice round today at Bethpage 's Black Course before leaving on the 18th fairway to avoid the crowd that was gathering at the 18th for his finish. Last time at Bethpage, Tiger started on the 3rd hole to avoid the fans. This time he walked with a couple New York State cops down to the first tee, quickly launched his tee shot and was off.

Interestingly, Justin Timberlake played his practice round today too, for the upcoming US Open Challenge with Michael Jordan and Ben Roethlisberger. He started on the 3rd hole. I guess that means Justin has surpassed Tiger in popularity. ... right.

Not sure how Tiger actually played, but the two tee shots that could be seen by the public were pretty impressive.

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mmontanaro says:
I heard he used a local caddy (that's obviously not SW standing by his bag). Imagine you're a local caddy at Bethpage (do they have them?) and your boss comes in and says, "Ummm, Tiger is arriving in 10 minutes and needs someone to carry his bag. You available?" "C'mon boss, you're joking, right?"
mmontanaro says:
All kidding aside, the amazing thing to me is that he just won a golf tournament... most tournament winners would be out celebrating half the night and nursing a hangover on Monday. This guy gets on a plane, probably gets a good night's sleep, and has an early tee time at his next venue. He's a surgeon. And his will to win seems stronger now than ever.
dlouder says:
@mmontanaro: I agree. Also, is that Haney? I thought Tiger was dumping him.
whomsley says:
He is the man. No question. His dedication to the game and his own improvement is very impressive. A person we can all learn from.
unknown1111 says:
yea thats haney
mmontanaro says:
Yes, that's Hank. No a bunch of people, mostly media, started speculating that he was dumping Haney because he was having swing problems a few tournaments back, and because Tiger made some comments after a bad round while blowing off some steam. Shows what the idiot media knows. The guys who were supposedly "in the know" are suddenly very quiet about that.
ToddRobb says:
whomsley, well said. If you're a golfer and you aren't a Tiger fan, I feel sorry for you. It's very rare to actually witness true greatness in any sport, if you spend any amount of energy looking for reasons not to like the guy you're missing a hell of a ride. For him to be at Bethpage today, is almost as impressive as what he did yesterday. That's what separates the worlds best golfer from everyone else, he puts in the work.
Johnn04 says:
Im not gonna sit here and tell you I'm a Tiger fan. But I will tell you that I respect the living crap out of the guy. I myself am a Rory McIlroy fan. Tiger is magical. In all honesty I think he's the guy to blame for the growth of golf over the last 10 years. Its just amazing what he has done for this sport. There isn't a player out there as dedicated as he is. Especially when he has a smokin hot wife and 2 youngsters. Good on ya Eldrick!
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