Morgan Pressel Not Getting Boob Job
By Kickntrue on 6/9/09
I love the internet. I love the internet. I love the internet.

LPGA Star Morgan Pressel, who actually does her own Twittering instead of using it as a corporate PR feed, quoted a line from the movie "Step Brothers" on her account Sunday night and freaked out her (in-the-dark) followers and most likely the LPGA, too.
"This year I got this mikimoto pearl necklace but Next year I'm going to ask santa for breast implants... because I'm impatient with my body."
Can't say much except, it makes me like her more! It's a pretty obscure quote from a big-time guy movie. How could you not like her more... unless you're LPGA Commish Carolyn Bevins? Of course, she's the one requesting more Tweets. I'd just love to find out this was a Tweet from the course, during an event!

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Nethmonkey says:
[insert pearl necklace joke here]
ipv6freely says:
Nethmonkey: no need, the pearl necklace joke was the whole point... maybe you didnt see Step Brothers....
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