Almost Golf - Father's Day Giveaway
By Kickntrue on 6/10/09
Father's Day is a great time to find contests online to win stuff for dads (or keep). Almost Golf is running a decent giveaway. I'm a little late to the linking party, they've already given away an R9 and a SkyCaddie, but there's still some stuff to be won.

I wasn't introduced to golf by my father, but I was introduced WITH my father. It was with a relative who was bored on a family vacation and wanted to take the men out to do something manly. I remember it being on a terrible course- and it had to be terrible for my uncle, who probably shot an 40 (we played 9) while the rest of us shot 80. Still- from that, my dad and I started trying it out- took some lessons... and now we're still not amazing golfers, but we do love it.

AlmostGolf Father's Day Giveaway

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