Some Drama Still Follows Daly
By Kickntrue on 6/10/09
I know this going to SHOCK you (riiight), but there is still some drama that follows John Daly, like his estranged wife Sherrie. She wants you to know that she did not stab her husband two years ago, and everything else you hear should be questioned too.

The reformed John (maybe) will tee it up on Thursday in Memphis for the St. Jude Classic, his first even in the US since coming off his suspension by the PGA Tour.

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nico13 says:
just watch out for this man, he may be a little off center but dont sleep on him
brad6432 says:
John has to be the one figure in sports people love to "rubber neck'. No one can believe it's happening, and they can't take their eye off it. I wish the guy well. We all know how hard the game is .....just tack on all his other problems, talk about running uphill. You have to admitt, he doesn't give up easily.
Kickntrue says:
I think I can safely say there is no risk of me ever sleeping on with or near John Daly.
dlouder says:
The reporter said it right, it's a big ugly "He said, she said, routine." You don't know who is telling the truth, and you don't really care; regardless, you can't seem to NOT pay attention to it.

I will say this, did John call a press conference when he came to play to speak of anything? Did his ex-wife, when she discovered she couldn't attend the tournament? Make your own decisions there...
Barroomhero says:
Despite all the mistakes John Daly has made, in my opinion his estranged wife sounds like an absolute lunatic. I think she is smelling the chance of some money and wants a slice of that pie. He might see a little success and have his life on the right track finally and she wants to derail that train.
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