Perry Calls Out Big Guns
By Kickntrue on 6/11/09
Kenny Perry called out Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, saying they need to step it up with their efforts to keep the PGA Tour making money.
"We've all been sitting around in the locker room, wondering what the future of the PGA Tour is going to be and what it's going to look like in five years," Perry, the defending champion, said at John Deere Classic media day Tuesday. "It's tough out there, and it's up to us to help promote it. We need upper-echelon guys to really step up. I know that sounds a little unfair to Tiger (Woods) and Phil (Mickelson), but those guys are going to have to step in and help us out."
Now... I know Perry has good intentions, I think he's coming at this from a standpoint of the Tour in general, not as players, but let me isolate my favorite line:

"It's tough out there,..."

Perry's earnings this year: $2,776,705
Perry's earnings last year: $4,663,794
Perry's career earnings: $28,973,147

I can hardly believe any of them are getting by. It really is tough.


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mmontanaro says:
I didn't read the earning thing into his comments... I read it as "it's tough [promoting the tour and getting results] out here." I don't think he's saying he hasn't made enough money- more like, it's tough promoting the tour and getting sponsors and fans to listen. He's saying that they need the big names like Tiger and Phil to participate in promoting the tour if it is to survive.
ForeKris says:
I think sponsorship is the issue. Wasn't it the Northern Trust Open that the media and congress made a big stink about? Something about using tax payer money to sponsor a golf event. Last year the Memorial had "Morgan Stanley" as a huge sponsor with their name all over it. This year they weren't even mentioned. I found a news article from February stating "Morgan Stanley suspending most participation at Memorial golf tournament." Sponsors are being scared away.
Trip says:
I'm not sure what he wants them to do?
sporty says:
Phil just found out his has cancer Tiger wife just gave birth to a baby i'm sure they will put their families ahead of the need to promote the tour! Jack said he
played the same amout of tournaments as Tiger does now.
Perhaps its time for the other players to step up with more competition and
personality to promote the tour so more people will watch!!!
cbriggsk says:
It has got to be tough marketing/promoting a sport for the 'haves' when the 'haves' are stinging from the economic downturn (which was largely their fault for having to have all that they 'needed' to have)...but, umm, in the scheme of things? really? really? as much as i love it, golf is just barely a sport, you make a ridiculous living and we live in a world where 30,000 starve or die from a preventable disease every, come on kenny, suck it up.
ToddRobb says:
Maybe if Kenny hadn't choked at The Masters, he would be considered a big gun himself.
benhogan531 says:
I don't know what more Phil could do he plays a pretty full schedule. Tiger could certainly play more and doesn't play nearly as much as Jack did in his prime. At the tail end of his career, sure.
kidputter says:
The reason Jack played the number of tourneys he played is there were a limited number of tourneys available to play. Marketing is key. Tiger by himself carries the tour. When he plays, people pay. If there was another player who was promoted as much as him and PERFORMED to the hype, the tour would grow and prosper.
Personally, I don't think the tour needs shell out more money. The players need to accept the economic crunch and deal with it.
pvt4211 says:
I understand what Perry is saying but why has he never spoken up before? Is it because he only has a couple of years left on the Tour before he moves to the senior tour? The Tour needs to mandate these top guys (including Tiger and Phil) to play at least 20 (or some number of events) every year. Overall, I think that players need to be fine with playing for less money. The entire US workforce is taking paycuts, or losing jobs, what are these guys complaining about?
benhogan531 says:
It's not about the tour shelling out more money. It's about attractinc sponsors (that's how the tour shells out money).
ToddRobb says:
The logistics and resources that are involved for Tiger to play in a tournament are huge, that's one of the dirty little secret on the tour. Some of the events are not set up to handle Phil and Tiger type crowds. There's a LOT more to playing in a tournament for Tiger than for everyone else, it's real easy for Kenny Perry to show up in his rented car and play. Tiger can't even drive down the street in a car without tinted windows. The tour is doing just fine, the ratings go up when Tiger is in the hunt, and they are what they are when he's not. Until someone shows up to REALLY challenge Tiger on a regular basis, it's going to be what it is, die-hards watch every week, passive fans watch when Tiger's in it.
ToddRobb says:
I think the PGA does a decent job of promoting their product, "the guys are good". The FedEx Cup commercials, the video games, and now showing events on the golf channel, the tour has more exposure than it ever has. I don't think adding Phil and Tiger to their marketing campaigns will attract more sponsors or increase ratings. Ratings come from a reason to watch, if Tiger's in it, there's a reason to watch, if he's not, not so much.
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