US Open Week
By Kickntrue on 6/15/09
Is there anything more exciting than US Open week at Bethpage Black? Well... maybe some things, but not many. I'm pumped, pumped, pumped, and wish it were Thursday already!!

On a USGA related note- the USGA announced that the 2014 men's and women's US Opens will be played back to back weeks on the same course- Pinehurt #2. The ladies will play a week after the men and you have to wonder if they'll enjoy hitting out of the existing divots and beat up greens. I realize it's a bit thing for the ladies to be playing on this caliber course, but things could certainly be ugly.'s Tour Confidential

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ForeKris says:
I'll be there Sunday!
Kickntrue says:
@forekris- color me jealous!
mjaber says:
On Sunday, I will be packing to head to Ashland, OH for 4 days.
jbird899 says:
I will be there on Saturday!!!!
Johnn04 says:
Must be nice!
TimmyBede says:
I'll be there on Sunday! Can't wait!
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