Not the Black Course's designer?
Did A W Tillinghast Really Design Bethpage?
By Kickntrue on 6/15/09
Here's an interesting article from today's NY Times. Famed golf architect A.W. Tillinghast may not really be Bethpage's designer.
in 2002, Ron Whitten, a columnist for Golf Digest, argued that Bethpage Black was actually the work of Joseph Burbeck, the superintendent of Bethpage State Park during its construction, and in the June issue of Golf Digest he repeats the claim.

For Tillinghast fans, who tend to be passionate in their devotion, this is a little like arguing that Shakespeare didnGÇÖt write GÇ£The Tempest,GÇ¥ and the debate, waged on golf blogs and in salvos of essays, has taken on some of the characteristics of the feud between the Stratfordians, who believe in the Bard of Avon, and the Oxfordians, who insist the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays.
I don't think it would ruin the course at all, but considering Tillinghast has designed other greats like Winged Foot and Baltusrol it would be a bit of a blow to his resume, though not by much.

The evidence sighted by Whitten is that Tillinghast was listed as a consultant for the project not architect and that it was Burbeck's idea to design the Black course specifically. The article is pretty interesting and frankly, if it was Burbeck, he deserves his due.

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mjaber says:
Maybe, just to make everyone happy and put this to be, it needs to be a co-designed course by Tillinghast and Burbeck. This is probably closer to the truth than either of the other arguments. Then the only thing to argue about is who's name goes first.
Frankie C says:
This story seems to crop up every, ummm, 6 or seven years....around the time The Open gets back to Bethpage.
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