Bogies Scare Pros More Than Help Of Birdies
By Kickntrue on 6/15/09
Another NY Times link- discussing a study that shows pros miss more birdie putts than the same putt for par.
After analyzing laser-precise data on more than 1.6 million Tour putts, they estimated that this preference for avoiding a negative (bogey) more than gaining an equal positive (birdie) GÇö known in economics as loss aversion GÇö costs the average pro about one stroke per 72-hole tournament, and the top 20 golfers about $1.2 million in prize money a year.
Pretty awesome stuff here including quotes from pros who admit that despite the fact that every shot is worth the same, they can't convince themselves that they should be more agressive on birdie putts, no matter the results, which they generally agree with being true.

This is an especially great point to make this week- for the US Open, a venue typically known for lightening fast greens and the value of playing for par.

NY Times - Full Story

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falcon50driver says:
Like Yogi Berra said half of golf is 90 percent mental.
Lerxst says:
and what was the other one... "90 percent of putts that are short don't go in" :/
bducharm says:
I think an Aggie said that, Lerxst!!!
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