Best Father's Day Gifts
By Kickntrue on 6/16/09
What is the best Father's Day gift you've ever received or given? I figure a lot of these will be golf related, but they don't have to be.

I think maybe my best gift was a set of hybrids I got for my dad. They weren't anything special, but they did help is game! I have a funny feeling, that dads will give completely different answers for their best gift, than the sons who have given them.

Be wary though... if Dad says the best gift ever was your love. That's code for a new TaylorMade R9.

You do still have time. It looks like, and I'm sure just about everyone else still have great deals!

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Clint24 says:
Its hard to pick a father's day gift for my dad because hes a PGA pro and we own a golf center.
jbird899 says:
I gave my dad tickets to 3rd round of US Open this year (gave it to him early to make plans). I am so winning favorite child this year!
Kickntrue says:
@jbird899- NICE! Hopefully someday my son will be so kind (I'll cut him some slack this year, at 10 days old).
falcon50driver says:
Andrew, you got the greatest Fathers Day gift ever, a few days early. My daughter was born on Fathers Day a few years ago, she's pretty special.
Kickntrue says:
so far... I'd have to agree 100%!
WookieeFart says:
Congrats, Kickntrue... My son was born 3 weeks ago.
HotBacon says:
Congrats Kick - this will be my first "real" father's day as my son was only 1 month old last year at this time. I have a pic of me holding him while watching the Tiger and Rocco duel on father's day last year, and I'll always remember what day that pic was taken.

I never believed it when my dad said it, but I can honestly say that the only thing I want for father's day is to be able to spend some time w/ my boy.
Kickntrue says:
oh man.. its getting all mushy on this site. need to think about something manly.... Beer. Bikinis. Football.
falcon50driver says:
I read that heavy beer drinking can be bad for your health. So that's it for me, from now on, absolutely no more reading.
Barroomhero says:
Did someone say Beer?!
My son is 3 and I am getting golf balls from him, he told me already, but the best is that he loves watching golf with dad so we are enjoying the Open. Even without the balls seing him get excited about golf is the best gift. Plus we now mom is outnumber.
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